My Six Favorite Sites For Baby Food Recipes

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Baby weaning for me was a most exciting and sometimes frustrating process. I knew I would prefer the little one to have fresh, healthy and nutritious meals, so I decided to make them myself.

I honestly had no idea where to start so, of course, I took to google. I love to cook so for me this was a new adventure. For those who worry it may be too time-consuming, it really isn’t esp when you make big batches and pop them in the freezer. All you really need in the initial stages is a blender and an oven things you would typically have.

I did not purchase any of those fancy baby food makers but you can if you choose to. I like to keep it simple and budget friendly.

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These are my top six favourite websites for baby food recipes. Let me be honest I ended up even adding some of these to my own diet. They taste great and also have encouraged me to eat healthier myself.

Babyfoode.comHer tagline is adventurous recipes for babies and toddlers. Her website is easy to navigate. There are a wide variety of purée recipes for babies and toddlers. I love the weird and yet awesome combos and so does my daughter. This site is awesome sauce. . This website offers a free mini Ebook to get you started. Recipes are broken down into categories by food types. love their meal planners. Some of the recipes were too complex for my tastes so I stuck to the simpler ones. Planners are broken down by age and organized by week for the month. Breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas you name it. There are even baked treats on here. So far the pumpkin risotto is our favourite. . If you are willing to give more complex dishes a try this is the site for you. . I think everyone knows about this one. Probably everyone’s fave. Expert advice and a variety of recipes. What more could a mum ask for?


I am no expert but I recommend starting with the basics fruits, vegetables, and cereals that are readily available and also cost-effective. Just a few suggestions :

Bananas    and Apples                
Sweet potatoes
Rolled oats
Peaches (I use canned )



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