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Tachira on taking matters into your own hands to become successful:

My name is Tachira. I am a 35-year-old Barbadian. Today, I declare that I do not have my shit together.
About two months ago, I went to work as usual and was told about 9.30 am that would be my last day. The company closed down just like that. All I could think about while sipping my coffee was there goes my vacation. HA, plot twist. Well technically speaking I am on vacation.
This is my second time without a job. I was laid off around the same time three years ago. Talk about bad deja vu. Finally, I have decided to take my financial fate in my own hands. You can pour your heart into a job and they just discard you just like that. Life just throws you some curveballs sometimes, like my unexpected pregnancy about a…

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Life Partner : Forever Love





Do u have what it takes to be a life partner?
Or does the thought of commitment make you want to turn and  run
In this swipe and like society
Monogamy is painted as dry and dull
And everyone just wants to play in the pool of  fun
It’s hard for an old fashioned heart to find a meaningful connection
We crave long walks and deep conversations
That all-encompassing love
Thwarted by narcissists, just looking for a cheap thrill
They act the part but in the end, they just run your heart through the mill
We hold out hope for that Notebook kind of love
The partner who will stick with you through thick and thin
Hold your hand until the end
Souls who are forever entwined
Until they meet on the other side .

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

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Daily Prompt : Lollipop

Let me just say this prompt got me to sing that song My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small.  My mother used to play it when I was younger. It’s a really catchy song. I am humming it as we speak. This prompt had me a little stumped  I must admit. Here is what my scattered mind came up with.

Lollipop, oh lollipop, my favorite childhood treat  

When you are a good little boy or girl you always get the sweets

They teach us to follow the rules, colour within the lines

And we will be rewarded

They want to tell us what to choose, how to be

To keep us in little boxes

They offer us these little “lollipops” to give us the illusion of choices

© Tachira Wiltshire

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Transformation :reblog

There is no secret formula to transformation. It certainly does not happen over night . Just read the story of any successful individual and they will speak of pain, rejection, setbacks and loss.All of these are a part of the process. Our entire lives we are in metamorphosis. We outgrow things, people, we change our appearance; and hopefully through it […]

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Change your focus and increase gratitude

“Change your thoughts change your life”. Wayne Dyer.This statement has given me so much to contemplate. How are you going to look at life?  Is it a beautiful bountiful blessing? Or does it seem like a barren desert with no hope for relief in sight?

This statement has given me so much to contemplate. How are you going to look at life?  Is it a beautiful bountiful blessing? Or does it seem like a barren desert with no hope for relief in sight?

As I replayed this statement over and over, it got me to thinking about gratitude. Gratitude for me is being helpful, be accepting and focusing on the good. I tend to be thrown into despair at times, especially when things don’t work out as I had planned.

On my bad days, I struggle with the concept of gratitude. Sometimes it’s just hard not to see what’s wrong, where there is lack. It’s very difficult when you struggle financially not to feel stuck, frustrated and downright livid at times.

I have always said I NEED more money.  Only recently I have realised that my desperate need and fear surrounding not having enough money was causing just that a desperate need and no more money.  Money is important there is no disputing that fact but should it be your driving force, the very reason for your existence?

I have come to the conclusion that whatever source of income that I have, I just need to be grateful for it. I need not feel resentful for all the things I do not have. I need to focus on all the things that I  do. All the things that are working in my life. Work on finding my bliss, my purpose. Finding an occupation that actually brings me joy. I can tell you from experience working a job that you have no passion for is an absolutely soul crushing experience. How can that money ever work for you if you are just going through the motions to get it? I may not be able to fly to St. Bart’s but right now I am able to do what’s important.
So I will shift my focus from the money and have a more simplistic view. Today I will be grateful for the little things.I am breathing, I am healthy, I ate today. I am loved, and at the end of the day, life is that simple and that is all that matters.

Simply give thanks for the little things in life and you will be grateful and you will be blessed beyond measure. What you focus on in life is what makes it great. Focus on what you love to do and the money will come, the blessings will pour in.

What are you grateful for today?

It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy. George Horace Lorimer



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Be unapologetically you :Moxie

She moves through life with skill and grace

She has her own style

She is an acquired taste

The world sees her as weird, awkward at best

She does not let opinions put her “self-worth” to the test

Rejections and set backs may come in strong like a rough tide

But she summons her moxie 

She takes everything in stride

As a creator, a mother, a woman

She was built to be indestructible

Challenges may knock her down and throw her off the path she designed

But innovation steps in, she carves a new passage

Stronger than before she regains her stride.

© Tachira Wiltshire


This is a dedication to all the strong women. Those who despite what life throws at them, they never give up. 


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Cake is Life : Collage

Baking is one of my favourite past times. Not only do I love it because I have a huge sweet tooth; I love the opportunity to create something that brings joy and comfort to friends and family.

For me, cake is a metaphor for life .Sometimes you have all the ingredients and method correct and still have a giant flop on your hands. I have had a few flops on my hands like the black forest cake that resembled the leaning tower of Pisa . Nevertheless, it was delicious.

Life lesson: Even though things don’t turn out as planned, there may still be something sweet that comes out of it all. Think about it cake is the ultimate expression of celebration. From birthdays to weddings to friendly outings we enjoy cake .

We need comfort, we eat cake, we laugh, we cry there is cake!  The varieties and possibilities are endless . There is something for everyone because cake is life .

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Be here now : bury


Bury  the past , leave the baggage behind
Bury the hatchet , resentment will only hold you back
Bury the fear , take the leap
Bury the thoughts of the future till the present is all you see
Take this moment , seize the day
Be here now , it’s the only moment you have
Embrace it !

© Tachira Wiltshire