Daily prompt :Dash Sunday Afternoon in Queens Park

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20170702_17550320170702_18184920170702_18033220170702_17544620170702_17543820170702_18002520170702_180015.jpg20170702_17500620170702_18141320170702_18091320170702_18120920170702_175930Sunday afternoon walk in the park
Fresh air and relaxation before it gets dark
Giving myself am breather from the chaos of life
An unexpected visitor dashed from the bushes before my eyes .

I tried to get a picture but Mr Monkey was too fast for me
As quickly as this year flew he dashed away from me
Mr Monkey got me thinking how stuff happens so unexpectedly
Sometimes we just have to take a leap
Be like Mr Monkey , frisky , full of life and care free .


After all life consists of a series of temporary moments . We never know when the things we treasure or when life itself   will be dashed away .

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