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The beach is literally in my back yard  .
I always say the best part of my neighborhood is the beach . I live In Barbados . Sun , sand and sea is life . At least that’s the tagline for our tourism industry . For as long as I can remember the beach has been a part of my life . I remember as a young girl being knocked over by waves , lots of fun and frolic and failed swimming lessons . I have this irrational fear of drowning so I never learned to swim . The irony in that statement is so ridiculous , even laughable . The beach is a reflection of the laid back attitude of the locals . I live about ten mins from the beach well two beaches (one stretch of beach broken in two ,Pebbles beach and Browne’s beach and which I am convinced is the best beach on the island . Three beach bars , watersports activities and

a mixture of locals and tourists alike . The beauty is captivating . It’s like a tropical paradise .Grab a beer , a beach chair and just enjoy the vibes . #islandlife .


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt :Local

  1. Rita Kay says:

    The beach is beautiful! I know a woman from Barbados, and she goes back home every year – so she’s always posting like…those 360 tourist videos of the beaches making me jealous. I’m not a strong swimmer so I understand the fear, and I grew up near beaches too. So you’re not alone there.

    • tachiwi says:

      I really should bite the bullet and learn to swim one day ! You should visit as well if you have not already . People always say there is Bajan everywhere . It really is a small world .Thanks for the comment . Have a great day 🙂

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