Daily Prompt : Lollipop

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Let me just say this prompt got me to sing that song My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small.  My mother used to play it when I was younger. It’s a really catchy song. I am humming it as we speak. This prompt had me a little stumped  I must admit. Here is what my scattered mind came up with.

Lollipop, oh lollipop, my favorite childhood treat  

When you are a good little boy or girl you always get the sweets

They teach us to follow the rules, colour within the lines

And we will be rewarded

They want to tell us what to choose, how to be

To keep us in little boxes

They offer us these little “lollipops” to give us the illusion of choices

© Tachira Wiltshire

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Lollipop

    • I know that song as well . My mother had casettes with all these old tunes . I used to
      Love listening to those oldie goldies as we call them here in Barbados

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