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This prompt just inspired me to start singing that song by Passenger  -Let Her Go . Such an ironic and beautiful song  as humans never  seem to appreciate what they have until it fades away . All my life I have been a passenger . Literally because I do not drive . I guess I have been scared to take the wheel and just go . Being a passenger on this journey of life seemingly signifies that we have nothing under control . Absolutely nothing . We are passengers on planes,  trains and minibuses, We literally place our safety in strangers hands .Just as sometimes we give our power away by settling for people or situations that do not serve our well being  As I reflect on this word I wonder how exactly can I transition from a passenger to a driver ? What can I do to make my life more active and less passive . I know that there is one thing I have in control and that is my mind , what I think and what I choose to feel  as well as how I allow others to treat me . Oh how it took me forever to realize being a passenger in someone’s life does not make me responsible for their thoughts actions or reactions . We are all passengers  in this life  . Our journeys  may be different but  all interconnected  . I mean we all require the same things love , happiness , peace of mind . We are all passengers  traveling through time ;the key is to make this journey the best it can be . Although you are a passenger in this earthly realm ; let no one or anything dictate how you are going to spend your time , your life . Despite your circumstances  try to reflect on the good . Be a passenger who has a good attitude , who complains less , who stands up for themselves . #reactlesslivemore .

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