Daily prompt :Pluck

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In this life you got to have pluck in order to make your own luck . As I observe my toddler attempting her brave little feats I wonder why we let anything hold us back. She is a climber and seemingly fearless . Nothing daunts her ; not  a stumble , not a misstep , not  a fall . She gets up , she dusts off or laughs  it off and goes at it again . I wonder when we lose this tenacity for life ?  Is it when we are growing up and society tries to mold us into who they think we should be ? Is it how we perceive every break up , every job loss every unfulfilled wish? What if we had pluck ? What if we were children again and forgot about our self-imposed limits? We would have nothing to fear. We would just simply be. Be present and not think about people’s opinions or how we think things should be. Be brave enough to construct the life we want.Dare to try the things that scare us. Know that even if we fall the world still turns, opportunities will still present themselves. At the end of our time here we can look back and say I was courageous! I had pluck! I lived.

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