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substandard by bajezen.blog


In this class based society; when your material possessions are considered not enough you are looked upon as less than human. #substandard 

So you live in substandard housing, you don’t have a car, mummy is a maid and the neighbourhood is ripe with crime you won’t get too far in life. That’s what they say. You have too much going against you why bother trying anyway.#substandard 


When you are not the best academically they cast you away . You won’t amount to much; as if we all learn the same way #substandard 
The seeds of inferiority already have been planted so
we do what we must to ”appear” to be a success
some will lie, steal or kill to appear to be the best #substandard
Greed has become our passion so we treat each other like trash to be tossed aside #substandard 

Have we lost our humanity? When did the world become so heartless and cold

Chasing riches and fame while we lose our soul #substandard 

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