Detecting Fraud

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detecting fraud


Nothing is ever really as it seems in life
Most of the time we have selective sight
People will enter your life as innocent as ever, with cruel intentions, unpredictable just like the weather
Detecting fraud is never a straightforward task
Narcissists and damaged individuals often are quite skilled at pretending that they are a Godsend
Eventually like parasites they eat away at your core, mess with your mind
If you do not escape them, they will eventually break you
Strip you down, make you doubt your value
People are complex beings like Forest Gump said you never know what you are getting
Words become cheap perfume overpowering and quite deceiving
The key is to remain your sweet self throughout life
Don’t let the circumstances leave you seething
Take the lessons, repair the wounds
Better, not bitter, start on your journey of healing

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire  

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