Diy Multipurpose Scrub : Cheap , Easy And Effective

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diy all over body scrub bajezen

I came up with this simple multipurpose scrub while I was making my morning coffee. It honestly is quite difficult to find affordable quality anything in Barbados. I made this one for my hands they were looking a bit rough. It is so easy anyone can do it! Best of all it is made from ingredients that you can find right in your cupboard.

  bajezen diy scrub

For the small batch, I used
Two tbsps. sugar
Two tbsps. of Epsom salts
Two tbsps. of ground coffee
You can use coconut oil or olive oil 
And a few drops of your favourite essential oil.  I used orange.
I used the massage oil pictured as it was what I had on hand. 

You can make it gritty or moister that would depend on how you like your scrubs.

I left my hands feeling smooth and refreshed. You can also use it for your feet or as a body scrub. If you are like me and or on a budget check out Six Everyday Products For A More Beautiful You.  Natural is where it is at. Let me know if you give this one a try. What are some of your favourite diy beauty products? I always love new ideas 🙂 


natural body scrub bajezen

35 thoughts on “Diy Multipurpose Scrub : Cheap , Easy And Effective

    • Tachiwi says:

      Thanks for commenting . This small batch I used immediately but when I make sure scrubs I store them in the shower for a week or two not any longer . I use them up pretty fast . I used to also pop other ones I have made in the fridge if you do not mind having a cold scrub . Epsom salts does wonders 🙂

  1. Pari says:

    Looks simple to make. So much better for the environment and skin too with no chemical ingredients. Will give it a try!

  2. Angela Hoyos says:

    God I love everything about this. I made a similar body scrub but I didn’t add the coffee like you did – great idea! Artisinal body scrubs can be so expensive so I love making my own! You’re right they are inexpensive and easy to make, woo!

  3. Jubilee D Meyer says:

    This looks so great! I recently made a scrub at home and loved it! This one looks great too! Gonna keep this in mind for my next batch:)

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