Live More .. Worry Less Don’t Let Life Pester You

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Whenever I get a bout of monkey mind. I find solace in the beach. As soon as my body feels that first splash of salt water my mind just goes crystal and clear just like the ocean.
This morning I was contemplating life and how we take everything for granted. How we make something as simple as ”being” so complicated. Just one little morning soak with the family gave me a little perspective.
I saw these three tourists and observed how fascinated they were with the water. They were so happy and playful as they squealed and marvelled at how pristine and resplendent it was.
I thought to myself what is the big deal? I see this all the time. Then it hit me like one of those large unexpected waves. Imagine all the things that we have that we take for granted. The simple beautiful things of life and nature. Imagine all of the things we have that we do not fully appreciate that are only components of other’s dreams.
The fact that we woke up, our eyesight, the smell of the ocean, the smile of a loved one. All of these things we sometimes ignore because we are so occupied with life’s pests. The things and people we allow to aggravate us and the preoccupation with our ”problems”.

Ah, problems those inconvenient pests that get under our skin. They buzz in our ears and overtake our brains. They may make us obsessed with worry until we fret and complain. Worrying is just like a hamster on a wheel taking us nowhere fast.  I have learned this the hard way.
So I made a promise to myself to be more mindful and focus on what’s good and focus on the here and now. As they say when we focus on the good, the good get better . Focus on your problems and they will seem insurmountable. Don’t let the struggles of life pester you. Remember you get what you give.

I will leave you with the chorus to that New Radicals song You get what you give. These lyrics always have motivated me whenever I have felt overwhelmed  I love 90’s music.
Don’t let go
You’ve got the music in you
One dance left
This world is gonna pull through
Don’t give up
You’ve got a reason to live
Can’t forget
We only get what we give
Good vibes and love to all on this Soothing Saturday.


worry bajezen

38 thoughts on “Live More .. Worry Less Don’t Let Life Pester You

  1. Alexandria says:

    I love that quote! “Don’t miss the sun today worrying about the rain coming tomorrow.”

    • I truly believe life is all about perspective . We all do get tired and frustrated from time to time and need reminders like these . Thanks so much for commenting

  2. Such a beautiful and relatable quote about sun and rain. Literally, today as I was planting, I was thinking about the weather and worried about my plants’ sun exposure as the weather is calling for rain tomorrow. We shouldn’t get so caught up in things we cannot control but learn to accept them and go with the flow.

    • Your story is the perfect reminder to not worry about things you can not control. I hope your garden flourishes not matter what kind of weather there is .

  3. Great motivation post for me to read! I need such nutrient to fill in my brain daily. I can’t agree more live more, worry less. We should be more mindful and focus on the positive and lead to more positive outcome and attracts more positive energy and positive people.

  4. I agree with you on the point that we take the small things in our life for granted. Just appreciating the small things like morning chirping of birds can give you a moment of happiness. It makes life much simpler, happy and wonderful.

  5. I love your articles, they always make me think about life and everything! This one is great and I must agree with what you mention at the start: THE BEACH! It is my happy place and where I go to find clarity! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Words of Truth, friend! I remember the waters that surround Maui when I was there – it was, and still is my solace. There is so much to be grateful for, and as we focus on the good that is, it simply multiplies. You know what they say, don’t worry about the small stuff (It’s ALL small stuff). Indeed. <3 Thank you for this beautiful reminder.
    Evelyn, Path of Presence recently posted…The Truth About Mindfulness In The Midst of Changing TimesMy Profile

    • Your replies always make me smile ? Maui is on my bucket list . When it comes to matters of the soul it is all small stuff . Eveeything is always on time and with a purpose

  7. If I never had the chance to take a mindful meditation class in college, I don’t think I’ll be able to accept things the way they are. I agree, we are so consumed by what we need to do, what we always see, that we take those things for granted.

    • Meditation really gives you an awesome perspective on life and makes you realise what is truly important . Thanks for commenting

  8. What a great reminder to spend more time appreciating what we have. I keep a daily gratitude journal to help me to be more mindful of the good things I experience each day, but I need to remember to be more mindful all day long. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Problems are always inconvenient but they serve the purpose of helping us to become mature and more empathetic. No-one wants to deal with a disruptions in their routines but sometimes problems are roadblocks saving us from ourselves. When faced with problems I pray for wisdom to have the right perspective and for arriving solutions

  10. Amen! My mom always taught me to stop worrying, so I was brought up in faith so I have kept that all throughout my adult life. Sometimes there are small things that I can’t help worrying about, when I do, I remind myself that God is in control. I should trust Him to work things out.

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