Entreprenuer Feature : The Pal Project

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Hi there, beautiful people welcome to my second entrepreneur feature. I am really excited to share this product with you guys. This week I am featuring a young Barbadian entrepreneur. Roland F. A Harewood. He honestly is one of the most versatile individuals I know. I recently had a short interview with him about Pal, A product which is designed to aid children with sleep.As a mother, this is one I can truly appreciate. 


Tell me about yourself.

Wow, where to start. Currently, I’m the Director of PR and Business Development at Logical. I’m relatively young (for now), smart, passionate about my work & friendships and I guess some people would say I’m a bit ruthless when it comes to making snap decisions in both business and in life.


What is Pal?

Pal is a rest-assist device, perfect for children. It provides night-time comfort using non-disruptive lighting patterns. Children often need some light in order to feel a sense of safety and security in the absence of their parent(s) being physically present. Pal® does this in a way that supports children’s mental development and provides a comforting reassurance to parents. However, anyone can use Pal to help calm their minds before bed.

What inspired you to create Pal? 

My partner Steve Dash is who actually conceptualized the device back in 2013 and I’m the one who gave Pal its name. Originally he wanted to design a night-light that didn’t look childish and gimmicky, then he refined it after discussing it with Dr Cheryl Rock who is a specialist in children’s mental health and development. We worked together at an offshore company, that’s where we met. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience but that was our first time working on a startup and using the crowdfunding platform. So ultimately from that experience came this opportunity to think and do things differently than how they’re done here. Food for thought I’d say.

Where and when will the product be available?

Speaking of crowdfunding, Pal will be available for pre-order on Indiegogo in late November, and our campaign will last for 60 days. However, we are currently live and running on www.thepallight.com and you can also follow @palbylogical on Twitter and Instagram and Like u on Facebook – facebook.com/palbylogical

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