Every Day Acts Of Bravery

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What does brave look like to you?

When we examine the word brave we think of all the men and women who sacrifice their lives for their country.Those who risk bodily harm to save a life and ask nothing in return.These are obvious acts of bravery which should always be applauded.

Every day there are individuals who are brave even though it isn’t highlighted. We should never belittle the struggles, stories or problems of others. Life can get heavy and if you aren’t strong it can break you.
No one is immune to anything in life and I wish people would be sensitive before they open their big mouths and start spewing judgmental bullshit.
How can you predict what is going on in the mind of another? Many days I will say I am ok but I am not. It is so much easier to say you are ok than to be subjected to pity, judgement or to be given advice you really do not want to hear. People always know how to handle your life better than you don’t they?

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Let us consider some everyday acts of bravery.


The depressed person who manages to get themselves out of bed. A simple act for most of us but when you feel at your lowest sometimes completing mundane acts can be amazing.
The person with a mental disorder or anxiety who is staying afloat even though dark thoughts threaten to drown them daily.
The disadvantaged individuals who despite life circumstances manage to support their families and elevate themselves.
Those who stand up to bullies, racists, bigots and generally nasty individuals.
The person brave enough to share their story. It is not easy putting yourself out there. The internet can be a cold cruel environment sometimes. I seriously have no tolerance for hateful people.
The shy person who musters the courage to connect with a stranger.

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We all have fears and insecurities. We all have developed ways and means to cope.No one is without some struggle whether it is internal or external. I wonder why some deluded people believe they are superior to anyone.

If you are struggling you are not alone in this world. Trust that the majority of people are not ignorant and hateful. If you do fall into that special category, kindly take a seat actually take several. Keep your bad karma to yourself.

Every day we wake up and make the decision to keep trying that in itself is an act of bravery. Let us celebrate each other and know that some will never highlight their struggles but they are holding it all together when they have every right to break down.

Inspired by The Daily Prompt Brave 

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

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