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everything will be alright bajezen


Mondays are the beginning. No matter where we are in life we have a chance to begin again. When we go through those tough times we often forget how resilient we are. We often forget that there is hope as long as there is life. I write this for myself as much I write for others. The troubles pass, the days get easier. Never forget life is a gift. Never forget Life is beautiful.
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everything will be alright bajezen


This is your reminder that everything will be alright
The signs may say different but there is no need to fight
The process, the present circumstances may not be ideal
There is never a trial without a lesson, a blessing an opportunity to heal
This is your reminder that everything will be alright
It is just a moment, they always pass
Stay grounded in the present the upheaval never lasts
There is no need to fight the process,
You are on the path to progress just you wait and see
You may not like it, you may not love it but you are exactly where you need to be
Like the dragonfly, the transformation will be inspiring
Stay open to every possibility, these growing pains mean nothing
It is all going to come together just you wait and see
You may not love it, you may not like it but you are exactly where you need to be.

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bajezen monslay motivation

How do you get through the tough times?Β What is your favorite way to stay motivated?Β 



37 thoughts on “Everything Will Be Alright : Monslay Motivation

  1. Marijke Doldersum says:

    Strong words and very true words. Keep at it and don’t think too much about it. Let things happen, that is what I say to myself when things are not going too well. And before you know something on your path can bring improvement. Thanks for writing this!

  2. Chana says:

    Every day is a new day, but there’s something about Mondays that make it extra special. I think it’s important to always remind ourselves that every day is a new day and it’s a new opportunity to do better and be better. Great reminder!

  3. Tracy @ Cleland Clan says:

    “There is hope as long as there is life.”–I love this. One of my favorite sayings is “This, too, shall pass.” Hard times always end–you just have to wait for the upswing to come along again.

  4. Lucy says:

    Loved this! I like to create lists of everything I’ve achieved so I can look back on it when I need a reminder ?

  5. Susan Peck/Call To Excellence says:

    This is such an uplifting reminder to recognize that life is a process of learning and growth – not always fun, but always advancing for our highest good. I read something the other day, I think it was by Mary Morrissey, about shifting our mindset from wondering why things were happening to us, to see that they are happening for us – that however tough an experience is, it’s happening to teach us something important.

  6. Devendra says:

    After reading this post, I remembered a dialogue from a Bollywood movie 3 Idiots. The main character will always be saying “All is Well” no matter in what problem he is. When asked he said that it gives him the courage to face the problem. I agree with him, no matter what the situation is keep telling yourself everything is fine and things suddenly start falling in right place.

  7. hebahpervaiz says:

    Listening to inspirational podcasts or talking to energetic people always helps me to feel better, but this gave me the reassurance I needed during the middle of the week! Loved it.

  8. Karen Ching says:

    I didn’t know I need to hear this. Thanks for sharing all these motivational quotes. Indeed, difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. We often forget that we have so much more ahead of us to be stuck in our current dilemmas. Again, thanks! Love lots, xoxo

    • Tachiwi says:

      I am glad that it moved you. It is my purpose for posting. Thanks for commenting. Everything is temporary. We are always blessed even when we can not see it !

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