Fear meet faith

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I gave you an inch
You took a yard
I allow you to take control
I sat back and watch you do your thing
Not having a care in the world

You just wouldn’t leave me be
Nagging, being a pest
I gave you more power than you need
Now its leaving me in misery

You ate away at me
Stripping me of my confidence
Negativity was all I saw
Shackle and bonded by your deeds
Living my life in captivity.

With every step I took
You stop me from pressing on
Finding excuses in everything I do
Not stepping out my comfort zone
No room for growth, just remaining stagnant
Never knowing what to do

The time have come
To regain what is mine
To rid myself of that spirit call FEAR
False Evidence Appearing Real
Meet my new friend
Finding Answers In The Heart
In short just have FAITH!

Poem By Shawn Brandford Shawn B ..

Embrace Change For Success!

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