Feelings and Emotions :Dormant

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The day he left she locked the gates to the past

She vowed to throw away the key

Heart ripped from her chest she no longer wanted to feel

Days go by each day easier than the last

Feelings and emotions swept under the rug

Was she finally over the past?
Out of sight, out of mind was her mantra each day

Ignore it, don’t think about it and it will go away

One random day in the future, a change meeting

Gosh he was still so attractive

It only took one glance, one touch

and dormant feelings erupted   

I guess what they say is true, real feelings never die

They lie in the shadows and sneak up on you

taking you by surprise

That day she realised she was lying to herself

as the wave of emotions washed over her

she fought them like a drowning man fights the tide

Try as she would  to forget; he would he would always

have a place in her heart because true love never dies

© Tachira Wiltshire


Image by http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/love-hurts-lh/images/20626556/title/true-love-hurts-finding-soulmate-photo 

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