Five Simple Ways To Get That Summer Glow

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It is officially summer. Well, to be honest, it is always summer here in Barbados. There are no seasons unless you count the hurricane season as a season. Around the months of June until August it just gets hotter. I mean so hot you just want to lie on the beach with a cocktail hot.
Today I decided to treat myself head to toe. My inner goddess is just screaming for her glow to be refreshed. During these hot months, we typically show a little more skin, cut loose and let’s be honest the sun takes a toll on our skin and our bodies.
Here are a few simple recipes you can use to get your glow up this summer.

Total hydration for that all over glow.

simple infused water ideas bajezen

When it gets hot ,  Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Nothing saps your energy and leaves you feeling as dull and listless as a dried coconut like lack of water. Infused waters are indeed nothing new. My go-to is lemon water. Lately, I love lemon and orange . It kind of reminds me of lemonade without the sweetness. If you do get bored with this combo you can always add some chia seeds, watermelon, mint anything that gives it a bit of a twist and can excite your palate a bit. Cut your fruits up and leave them with water in the fridge for four hours or overnight. Mix it up. Spice it up. Combine fruits and veggies whatever suits your fancy. Hydration is key to keep your body functioning at its peak. Since I am an island dweller I also love a good tall glass of coconut water 🙂

citrus infused water bajezen

A mini vacation for your feet

Epsom salts soothe tired feet
Warm water
And a few drops of your favourite essential oil
Soak for 10-20 minutes. Grab a book. Listen to meditation track. Relax and feel the stress leaving your body.


vacay for your feet bajezen

An invigorating hand and foot scrub

An invigorating hand and foot scrub
Am I the only one that has a love affair with coconut oil?
I used sea salt as I love the texture of it to slough off those dead skin cells. It also is such a great detoxifier. The result: baby soft hands and feet. Smooth and inviting. 

hand and foot scrub bajezen


Pick Me Up Body Scrub 

I do not know about you guys but just the smell of coffee gets me fired up. I think I may be an addict. Who really can go wrong with coffee in your cup and coffee in your shower. Coffee is not only a pick me up but it’s great for dry skin, cellulite and stretch marks. It will keep your bum perfectly polished for all of those hot summer bikini sessions. It also smells and feels great too. I love brown sugar for its coarser texture but the mixture is really up to you. You can add or subtract ingredients depending on your personal preference.

pick me up body scrub bajezen


Detox Face Mask 

This is the recipe I use every Sunday as I lounge around with my cup of coffee. I have been using the Aztec healing clay for years now and I just love the results it gives. if you have not heard about it by now get yourself a jar. You won’t be disappointed. I just love the pulsing feeling it gives. I think I can literally feel it dragging the goop out of my pores.

detox face mask bajezen


These recipes are simple, all natural and best of all they are cheap and effective . Try one today and get glowing for the summer.


What are some of your favorite DIY beauty recipes?

what are your plans for the summer? Share with me in the comments.

May your days be filled with sunshine, laughter and  love.   #summerisastateofmind .

32 thoughts on “Five Simple Ways To Get That Summer Glow

  1. I really needed this. Vaca isn’t until end of the month but these are the perfect things for this tired momma to get into after my daughter goes to sleep/ Great post!

  2. Brianna says:

    This post comes just in time. It’s starting to feel like Barbados here in Delaware. Have to protect the skin and body.

    • I heard about the heatwaves . Even though I should be used to it . Sometimes the sun just feels so harsh . Notto mention the amount of oil it makes me produce lol . I hope you stay as cool as possible. Thanks for commenting .

  3. I love all these! Especially the coffee body scrub, I think the smell of coffee is heavenly. Didn’t know it helped with dry skin and cellulite though, will definitely be making this!

    • I was looking for benefits for non-coffee lovers. Although I do not know anyone who can resist the smell of coffee. It is so intoxicating. Let me know how it goes for you. Thanks for commenting.

    • I can picture you face mask on and feet up. You totally deserve it . I had the mask on all morning was a semi-lazy day 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your time in Paris 🙂

  4. Love this! What a fun post! I am definitely going to have to try that face mask today!! I have the Aztec clay that I have been waiting to use! So I am excited!! Thanks so so much!!

  5. Vu Ha says:

    Wow! Those tips are very useful for this hot summer. I will apply those guide to feel more comfortable and eliminate the heat

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