Gym Guy

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To gym or not to gym was the eternal question
She loved her body but she also craved perfection
The tight buns, the perfectly chiselled abs, the ideal weight
Her love affair with food was her part-time nemesis, she had an uncontrollable urge to just lie around and eat cake.

After one random bad day at the office, she needed a shot of feel-good endorphins. Where did she go? You guessed it. To the gym.
As she stepped on the treadmill that’s when she saw him
Tall, athletic a replica of Hercules, one look into those piercing eyes made her weak in her knees.
She had heard of these mystical creatures but she had always doubted their existence.

Electricity surged through her as she watched himĀ  mesmerised
Sweat rippled from his chest as he moved those powerful thighs
Lust at first sight, he was the stuff that fantasies were made of
Her heart raced as she imagined him pushing the limits of her body

Her breath hot and heavy as she reached her peak
He would provide the ultimate workout with his unique technique
Gym guy would cater to her every need.


Written by Tachira Wiltshire

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