Happiness is now ?

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I remember for the longest time wondering what happiness feels like. Not the temporary kind. I mean a full blissful state of joy. I have been looking at this thing all wrong ! I swear from a certain age it is ingrained in our minds that happiness is supposed to look a certain way or it will come as a result of something.

So we end up chasing it like a dog chasing their shadow it is a futile exercise. Happiness is not something you chase. It is a state of mind, it is a way of being. It is, in essence, being authentic. It is our birthright. We were not put here to strive, to suffer to hoard shit. I mean I love having stuff because I like to dress up and look nice after all, but you get to a point where you realize that simpler is better.

Let’s face it new stuff comes out every day and we are told we must have it. We must have it to belong, we must have it to matter, we must have it to be better but at the end of the day are we better ? Or aren’t we just slaves to wanting more.

There will never be enough more. I think in the pursuit of more we forget what we have. We forget the value of simple things like hugs, and giggles and authentic face to face convos and love. That deep soul tingling kinda loves. It’s all so superficial now. I for one am over it. Just striving and striving and forgetting what real joy is.

What life is meant to be is simple and we complicate it with stuff and the constant need to look outside yourself for validation. One of my biggest issues is not being present. Not living in the now. This is why we worry, why we lose hope because at the end of the day now is all we have. Don’t get me wrong life is a hot fucking mess at times but we have to take the time .. Somehow to be at peace with ourselves. Do something nice for yourself today. Something no matter how little it may be as long as it brings you joy. It could be painting your nails, taking a walk, having your favorite food.

Just take the time to breathe in and out and think about something that’s going right. Change your thoughts, change your life. I recently downloaded Follow your joy by Dr. Robert Holden, it was one of the most enlightening and entertaining talks I have heard in a while. I would recommend it to anyone. A great way to start the morning with? something positive. Listen to something positive, read something positive, try a meditation.

It won’t necessarily fix all your issues but it will definitely leave you feeling less heavy.So cliche this is but so true You can always find something good to focus on. Your mind and body will thank you for it. ?? Can you tell I have been listening to the Hay House world Summit all week? ??????

16 thoughts on “Happiness is now ?

  1. Nicole says:

    Starting the day with something positive is such great advice! If I’m learning anything in life, it’s that it’s not my life that makes me unhappy, but how I react to my life – I know it’s a bit cliche but maybe that’s the reason that it’s so true! 🙂

  2. christineokello says:

    Very well put! I know I am guilty of chasing happiness and completely forgetting the simple things like my children’s laughter, cuddles and even just good health. This year I have decided to be happy… stop comparing myself to others and just accept me for who I am and what I have… and so far so good. Thanks for such a positive post Tachi xx

  3. Very well said! I love how you emphasize the “starting the day with positivity”… I am working really hard into that. Indeed putting systems to my mornings and life helps me a lot. 🙂 Meditated for a while now and I am in-tuned indeed. 🙂

    • Meditation is like medication as they say. I find when I start the day on a positive note my day goes so much better. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and couldn’t agree more. I’m a slave to my stuff and am trying to break the cycle but it’s hard! having a fashion and lifestyle blog doesn’t help either!

    • I have quite a love for stuff as well. I do not think anything is wrong with liking stuff but we must know it is not what all life is about. Thanks for commenting

  5. I can so relate to this – I spent so much of life putting off happiness until “someday” in the future when I had accomplished certain goals and accumulated certain things, but like you say, there is always “more” to be had and that finish line keeps getting pushed farther away unless we deliberately choose to live in the now, and be happy in the now. And the paradox is that when you are happy in the now, more happiness comes your way…

    • I took me a while to learn this as well. The only way to be happy is to accept the present circumstances and make the best of whatever we are given because life is never the perfection that we seek.

  6. I like reading your posts. You always have something for me. Even I start chasing happiness most of the times and forget to enjoy the wonderful things that I have.

    Thanks for such a great post

    • You are so right. Life matches the vibration that we emit. That is why I try to stay present and joyful at least do the best I can in each moment.

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