Heaven and Hell :Gate

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Conceived by the universe we enter this realm

Not knowing what hand we will be dealt

Will this be a journey through heaven

Or a walk through the gates of hell?


Heaven or Hell which will you choose

Or are these just a constructs of the mind?

It is all about perspective

What you seek you shall find

Negativity, anxiety, depression, mental disorders

Create thoughts of despair and destruction, leading us to some very dark places

A world so cold, lifeless  and  tragic with no hope for saving graces

Some resist the call of these demons while others give up the fight

It may be easier to die than live through a never-ending night

Despite all that is wrong in the world I think a slice of heaven can be found

A kind word, a positive thought or deed, May spread love to a wounded soul

We can never tell what someone is going through

Some smile to hide the pain, it may easier to leave their story untold

Heaven and Hell are not just the neighbourhoods  of the after life

Your thoughts, your words and actions

will determine where your mind and soul resides.

© Tachira Wiltshire

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