Intelligent Life

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”Is there any intelligent life out there?” She asked as she grew weary of life on this planet
Modern life has become one tiring polluted mess
We work ourselves to the bone just to die from stress
To what end ?
Chasing the material is a never-ending race, try as you might you may never gain at the same pace as your neighbor 
It is not a competition because the finish line never ends
Everyday we are bombarded with a plethora  of new trends
Things and attention have become the new oxygen
We need money, oh yes we need money but really must we be oppressed to get it?
You take the loaf and give me the crumbs
Perpetrating suffering
How do you sleep at night knowing your fellow-man is in crisis
Angry,  no wonder everyone is so angry
Anger that is fueled by a nuclear  fear
While our leaders play Russian roulette with our fate
A pissing match to see whose balls are biggest
Idiotic, devoid of common sense
I need a compass .. Point me to where the intelligent life is. 

Written By Tachira Wiltshire  


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