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If u merely skim the surface you will never experience the real joy of life
The irrelevant opinions, activities will bring you down 
Make you worry 

Leave you trapped in a cycle of fear,
People pleasing, inner turmoil and strife.
No matter what you do there will always be with someone with an opinion and you know what we say about opinions.

Everyone thinks they are an expert and wants to oppress you with them.
At the end of your life cycle, no one will care what degree you had; about your latest  purchase,  where you lived or what kind of car you drove.

The more you have does not make you a better person 
If you are a toad you will just be a toad who owns a lot of things 
Don’t be a stain on this world,  be a rainbow,  a breath of  fresh air,  a beam of light .
Kindly keep your opinions to yourself and let people live their lives.

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

3 thoughts on “Irrelevant

  1. Lynley says:

    I couldn’t agree more about people’s opinions. People do that to me all time. Or if someone asks for your opinion and then ends up not caring about the response. Why ask me then? That bugs me!

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