Kindness and Good Manners Should Always Be Fashionable

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I have never been a fan of trends. What exactly is so appealing about blending in?
Unless of course, we are talking about makeup then blending is essential. Poorly blended makeup can lead to a total clown like disaster .

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I remember one of my favourite sayings was let your freak flag fly. If you want me to fit in then you have a problem and I really do not need that sort of negativity in my life.
Solitude really teaches you how to appreciate and celebrate your quirkiness. I really don’t care if you get it; if it makes me happy then nothing else really matters.

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We may hate them, we may love them but trends are very much a part of life. No matter how ridiculous they are. Since it is Throw Back Thursday I would like to talk about a few trends that I think should be fashionable again.

Good Manners

Is it just me or do some people simply lack basic pleasantries? Words like please, thank you and good morning seem to have become a part of some lost language. Nothing quite irks me like a person with lack of basic manners. How can you just grace a room with your sour presence and not at least acknowledge the people who were there before you? These same individuals look you up and down like you are some sort of alien and the really bold ones then want to strike up a conversation. Um no please, don’t even try it.You will simply become invisible. It is all about approach. Rude has never been and never will be attractive.

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They always say if you have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth closed. everyone is entitled to an opinion; after all, there is such a thing as free will. However, having the right to an opinion does not give you permission to a hateful bitch. I am really over these low self-esteemed, hateful individuals who spew their poison online in the guise of opinions. No one deserves to be criticised for who they are. Period . Keep your lack of self-love to yourself. I think there is enough hate in the world without us adding to it.  No need to respond to everything you see. Peace is worth more than arguing with idiots to try to prove your point.




I always say this, people get confused with social media and real life. Some I think are living in a fantasy land. Contrary to the popular belief of some there is such a thing as oversharing. I am probably too old-fashioned but why the need to publicize every single breath you take. To each their own it really is just my humble opinion. I view social media as a tool I use to meet people and interact not compose an endless Dear John letter about my life. Don’t be so busy trying to capture the moments and not actually experience the moments.

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Do you think kindness and good manners are out of style? Share your opinions with me in the comments.







61 thoughts on “Kindness and Good Manners Should Always Be Fashionable

  1. I agree completetly with societies general acceptance of bad manners. P’s & Q’s were a strict part of my childhood so are ingrained in my behaviour as an adult. The privacy part I see a little differently and think the oversharing can be a psychological problem, though I admit I personally hate seeing constant updates and photos on peoples children.

    • That is why I do not post my daughter . I just think some things are over done . There is this girl in a class I am taking and she just barges in the room with no greeting whatsoever . It is not just here though . I have no idea how it became so acceptable. Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion . Have a great weekend ,

  2. Kindness never goes out of style. Never. Good manners are relative to the culture you’re around. For example, in the south, it’s polite to say yes ma’am to a female that’s older than you, even if they’re 21. That wouldn’t go over well in other areas. But kindness speaks volumes in any setting.

  3. Kindness and good manners NEVER go out of style. It’s a matter of self respect as well as courtesy. For those people who want to rain on your parade with unkind remarks this technique has worked well. Look them up and down. Then with a straight face say “That’s an opinion.” Then excuse yourself, move on and forget all about it. Leave them to ponder what that means.

  4. You’re so right on this!
    Like Alicia, I notice it’s often a cultural thing. We have a farm / bed and breakfast in Spain and get guests (and volunteers) from all over the world, and can really see differences – while for one group it might be very normal to barge into my kitchen and help themselves to everything from my fridge, others will thank you for cooking a dozen of times before even tasting the food 🙂
    And don’t get me started on swearing…

    • You are so right. People who are not kind are such a turnoff as for the oversharing. Let’s leave that right there lol. Thanks for sharing your views hun

  5. Great thoughts and opinions! There is such a lack of manners in today’s society. We’ve been working with our kids since they could speak (and even before with baby sign language) to always say please, thank you, and excuse me.
    – Christine

    • Oh , Christine, that is great. I wish more parents would take the initiative. I am trying to raise my little one like how I was raised . We do not need anymore more unmannerly, unruly people in the world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  6. I totally agree on kindness. Kindness is something that should not go out of style. It always great to spread kindness and positivity. I think we get so caught up in the trend of “throwing shade” and “clapping back,” we forget that can spread negativity-we do not need anymore lol

  7. I love what you have to say regarding manners. I completely agree with you with most of your points! The one I have a difference in opinion on is the privacy. I know so many people who just simply don’t get out. Their only interaction with humans are through social media. Yes, it’s super sad. But, they typically have psychological conditions and they need some kind of support. Even if it is someone to help them roll out of bed.
    I think I know what you’re saying, though, meaning they don’t need to share everything about their life because they just thrive off of the attention. I know someone like that and I just hide their garbage from my feed.

    • I was speaking about those sorts the attention seeking persons , it really is a bit much . I think social media once it is positive can provide a good support system for individuals esp those with mental disorders or those who are introverted and find it difficult to interact with others 🙂 Thanks for commenting Chandra . Have a great weekend

  8. Lisa Roe says:

    I have a home made sign hanging in my office that says “Stay weird.” So I am right there with you, flying my freak! Good manners seem to have gone by the wayside. If you are a parent of young children, please teach them right, manners and kindness are not up to the teacher or world at large to teach your child. They will learn from your example! If everyone takes a moment to be kind to one person they meet each day, just imagine the change we could see in our world!

    • Oh Lisa I need to print what you just said and post it everywhere . Nothing wrong with being kind but this society seems to thrive on being mean . I will be sure to teach Xio the value of kindness even to those who do not reciprocate 🙂

  9. zerimama says:

    Everything about this post made me smile. NO they are not out of style! I love letting my freak flag fly 😉

  10. I think that kindness and good manners and such are out of style at some places and with certain people but not over all. I do my best to spread it wherever I go 🙂

  11. How well I understand David Duchovny’s words about privacy! In the past I was telling people too much, to make them more interested in friendship with me I guess? But now I know it’s so wrong! And it’s so important to keep some parts of your life just for yourself 🙂

  12. Great post! I 100% agree that kindness and manners are always in style. It costs nothing to be kind! I know a TON of people that need to read your post 😉 Maybe i can figure out how to politely drop a hint lol.

  13. AribaSana says:

    Kindness and good manners respect is never out of fashion or style, I think how branded and expensive things you wear, if you haven’t wear kindness, respect. you are nothing to good manners and respected people eyes! Love to share this!♥

    • I appreciate and admire your goal . I think we all should aspire to raise decent human beings. There are enough broken people in this world without us adding to it . Thanks for commenting.

  14. This is a good post, for some reason the last two weeks have revolved around kindness and good karma. I can relate to this and yes I agree it’s always in fashion. Lol let your freak flag fly, I enjoy this saying.

  15. Cass says:

    It really does seem like people are struggling with keeping kindness and good manners alive! Especially with a lot of kids we see running around the neighborhood! I do wish it was instilled more by the parents.

  16. People are so into themselves and what they are doing, they ignore the world around them. Now more than ever it seems people can just say and do whatever and it’s ok. People need a reality check and realize they are not the only ones in their space and practice basic manners.

  17. I couldn’t agree with this more! My husband and I really emphasize good manners when interacting and teaching our children. It is not a lost cause.

    • That is wonderful. I know that kind and mannerly people still exist in this world and it is even more awesome that you are teaching your kids to be as well .

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