Life Can Be Messy :Sunday SoulFood Series

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Hi, there lovelies  Happy and Blessed Sunday to all of you beautiful souls.


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Something about Sundays reverberates quiet reflection for me. For some it is a day of worship, for others, it just screams fun in the sun. If you are lucky you have the day off from work. I remember two years of working Sundays, for me that was just so disrespectful lol but hey one must pay the bills, feed the family and also my mild shopping addiction.  Whatever your Sunday entails; how about you ask yourself today, What can I do to make life better for me? Be totally selfish. You deserve it. Somehow our souls always have the answers, we know what needs to be done but yet we often times feel guilty about saying no or maybe just disappearing for a few hours for a recharge. Take a few minutes today to do something that brings you joy. Absolutely no excuses. Even if it is just buying yourself an ice cream cone and pretending that you are a toddler again with not a care in this world. Simply reflect on this past week and what made it great, even if it wasn’t so great to use your imagination it can lead you to some wonderful places. As usual, I leave you with one of my poems. Hopefully, it inspires you, sparks some food for thought or simply let it be a few seconds to escape from it all. 

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Life can be messy 

You have to choose your battles wisely

Are you going to walk around with a weight on your shoulders?

No wonder you are tired 

Worry does make the air so thick and heavy 

It can become stifling, crippling, gripping you so tightly that your forget t breathe 

In any situation you have three options :

Stress about it, Accept it or if you just can’t deal then carry on smartly 

No need for revenge, resentment or  regret 

We have no space to encourage and foster that bad energy 

Work on your own shit 

Don’t  watch others are doing 

Work on where you place your focus 

Sometimes you trip, you most definitely will fall 

No shame in faltering as long as you get back up again 

Be brave enough to choose yourself 

Pick your battles, Keep your glow up 

In this life you need to choose your battles wisely

If it does not bring you peace then it isn’t for you 

Put one foot in front of the other, let it go, move on from the darkness 

Sometimes you just need to say to hell with it and walk away 

Pick your battles, know your worth and carry on smartly 

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

How do you deal with life’s messes? What brings you joy? 

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38 thoughts on “Life Can Be Messy :Sunday SoulFood Series

  1. This was a great post for me to read today, as I am going through something personally and this hit home. Thank you for your words of encouragement and down to earth advice.

  2. What a beautiful reminder of how to take care of ourselves when life gets messy, because let’s be honest life is always messy. And if you’re so focused on everybody else’s stuff, you can’t be working on your own stuff!

  3. li says:

    Needed this Tachi! This Sunday is for me, to reflect and rest, thank you for sharing your wise words and beautiful poetry!

    • Thanks so much for commenting. I started the series a while back when I first started my blog. I finally now have Sundays off from work.

  4. Picking what battle to fight and put our mind and thoughts and energy on it really matters. Life is an art, how we design it is totally up to us. We can keep it messy with all the nega things around it or make it messy in a ways that we allow learning/lessons be taken from it…

  5. Super cool poem, it says a lot for sure. Something I do for myself is walk to the store instead of driving and just take my time. I also try and make sure to get myself flowers. There’s just something about buying yourself flowers!

  6. “Perfect isn’t the plan. Purpose is.” This REALLY spoke to me! Sometimes we really are our own most horrible critics. Thanks for making me finish this week positively 🙂 You’re a great writer.

  7. I love the idea of focusing on purpose rather than perfection. I particularly get flustered when my plans are messed up, but oh well, that’s life. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love that question, “what can I do to make life better for me?” That definitely resonates with me with the phase I’m in, trying to figure out how I can populate my life with more of what brings me joy, and less of what doesn’t. Such a simple question, but one with profound power. I’ll definitely make asking this question a part of my Sunday reflection from now on – thanks for the inspiration!

    • It is a deep question. I try to find ways to infuse joy into my life every day. It is not always easy but I will keep trying. Thanks for commenting .

  9. Thank you for saying this. I always try to keep it together and to look put together. But sometimes that just doesn’t happen and I get so mad at myself for it. This lets me know it’s ok to relax.

    • Oh no need to get mad about it . Sometimes you just have to embrace the mess and go with the flow . To avoid stress . Thanks for commenting.

  10. It has always been a practice for me to allow Sundays to be days of recharge – until I started to speak on the pulpit. I had to retrain my mind to allow a different day to recharge. Sunday’s are sacred service days for me (as a minister) so I had to “work” even though the work is a life path. I do concur tho that a day of rest (whichever it is) is nourishment for the soul and weary body. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem. It made my day. ??
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