Monday motivation

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A dose of monday  motivation


It’s Monday and it’s raining. I know what you are thinking bleh Monday and the rain too?

I personally love the rain. It refreshes and restores and I imagine it just washing my problems away.

Mondays are usually a bit of a drag for most of us. After a weekend of fun, we get those back to work blues as we head back to the daily grind.

So here is a little Monday motivation, hopefully, this gets you going. After you have had your cup of coffee of course :))

Today let’s have a good attitude, no matter what comes our way 


Be grateful. Even if it’s just a simple expression of thanks for seeing another day.


Look for something positive to rejoice about.


Believe in yourself. Yes, you can have a great day no matter what. You will achieve your goals .Speak it into existence. Have a great Monday and go out there and slay the day.


Love and Blessings 


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