Monday Musings

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Monday Motivation

When you wake up do you have a lust for life?

 Are you excited to start your day? 

Or is a moan and a groan oh not this again; I would rather be in bed anyway.

I think for most of us this an ode to Monday. Or is this your typical day? 

I can relate to feeling this way. Especially when you have a job that you are not quite in love with. This post was inspired by two of my email newsletters. They came on the same day with the same topic. I swear the Universe is always sending me signs .

Just remember when you are feeling stuck and things are seemingly not going your way. It is always about your world view. Is today going to be a murky Monday or marvellous? Are you going to let the day rule you or will you conquer the day?

Remember you and you alone are the architect of your life . Your thoughts determine your reality. You are enough . Here are your Monday mantras :

Love and Blessings, 



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