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The year has just flown by. I like to take the time to reflect during this season; my mind sadly always seems to take me down the path of what went wrong .I really need to keep my thoughts in check. It really isn’t that tragic. The joys of an overactive imagination.

I read something this morning that inspired me to switch up my thinking. I basically already know this but hey we all need a little injection of positivity sometimes.

Some days, you know how it goes you miss your alarm, you wake up late, you burn the toast, traffic is a nightmare, your co-worker makes a snide comment and you just feel like you want to implode. Yes, shit goes wrong, what is life without a whole heap of mess and twists and turns?

So back to my quote.

The universe does not operate on your timetable. Just keep trying and believing and it all will work out.

It inspired me to write this little poem which I decided to share with you. As always I strive to spread a little light and hope. 



Dare to Inspire 
Light a fire of creativity 
Full of an inexplicable buzzing energy
Dormant magic just waiting to bloom 
Growth hindered by years and layers of negativity
So much potential buried deep 
Just waiting to take flight 
Keep it simple, work diligently towards your goals 
Success takes persistence and a hunger for the win 
It never happens overnight

Written By Tachira Wiltshire

What were your wins this year and how do you plan to slay 2018? 

8 thoughts on “Monslay : Be Inspired

  1. Lynley says:

    I tend to that as well, look at the negative. But I have been trying to stay positive. Sometimes it easier than other times, but I feel like now I make more of an effort than I did a few years ago.

  2. Thanks for sharing some wisdom on the reality of life. In the end, waking up each day is its own reward and our chance to start again and get it right.

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