Mothers Day

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You will never appreciate the true value of sleep until you become a mother. I have learned a lot this year.Patience … that is a work in progress. I have never been a patient person but with a baby, you have to be.

Showers went through the window, eating a full meal sometimes did. I don’t know how I got through those partly sleepless nights but I did. Being a mother teaches you strength and resiliency. Some days, to be honest, I felt like I was losing it. Love is a crazy thing tho. Some days are a mish-mash of crazy antics and as tired as I am I manage to smile and feel my heart burst as I see that sweet face. I have to say I was I didn’t gain that much weight.

I still do have a little belly pouch though. If I ┬ámanage to do five minutes exercise I consider myself fit. Trying to find a routine that works or somewhat of a routine. I walk to work sorta there is a commute between buses that’s my exercise for now. What’s important at the end of the day is that she feels loved and safe. It’s trying to find a balance between work, mummy duties and time for yourself. Thankfully there are no rules on how to live life and despite what social media portrays nothing is perfect. We are all just trying to do the best we can each day. Mothers are truly a blessing. It takes hard work, dedication, and a little madness to be a mother. Happy Mother’s Day ???


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  1. Motherhood is a tough job but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything else. Its the best thing that can ever happen to a woman. Enjoy it girl!

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