My Five Oyin Handmade Hair Must Haves

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I first discovered Oyin Handmade in 2012. Don’t ask me how. I can not remember that far back. (mom’s brain ) . I have a bit of an online shopping addiction especially when I am looking for hair products. 

My hair has a drinking problem. It’s thirsty and it gets dry so fast especially when it is hot and humid. The frizz is unreal and I start to resemble a chia pet. Raise your hand if you are a natural haired lady and you can relate.

Their all natural promo had me hooked from day one . It has been a long-lasting relationship . It probably has lasted longer than most of my actual relationships but that is a story for another post .

Oyin Handmade does not only sell hair products they cater to the body, mind and soul. They feature products for babies, personal hygiene, some really cool t-shirts and books as well. 

I think they have something to cater to everyone; whether you have natural hair or not.  The products are cruelty-free and others are also vegan.Although they no longer ship to Barbados, I still make sure I get my product fix.

Thank God for  US mailboxes and relatives who travel. One plus is that they last a good few months.They are affordable, smell great, are all natural and they work really well. Can you tell that I am an avid fan ??

After I have read many articles and done a few quizzes and have determined that I have 4 C hair.

These are my five must-haves. You can give them a try to see if they become some of your staples as well.

Burnt Sugar Pomade  



Honey Hemp Conditioner 




Hair Dew 


Whipped Pudding 



Leave-In Hair Tonic Trio 


All photos are the property of Oyin Handmade. 

You can visit their website at

Select products are also available at  : 

Target  Sally Beauty and Naturally Curly 

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