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New Recipes



I don’t really know what I enjoy more cooking or eating! Since I have a new addition to the family, I have been trying all sorts of recipes.? I am trying to lead by example and eat healthily and also to provide her with good nutrition as well. I have to admit some of her food is addicting. I made pumpkin muffins (because I had a huge piece and no idea what to do with it ) and kale salad .. I actually like kale.? The kale salad is really a mishmash experiment .. kale, apple, dates, walnuts, and cheddar cheese with lemon, canola oil, salt, cayenne and black kale salad bajezen kale salad bajezenpumpkin muffins bajezenpumpkin  muffins  bajezenpepper. I really hope it tastes good.?? The pumpkin muffins were a hit with the household. Who says veggies have to be boring?

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