Embrace The Elegance Of Simplicity


Don’t be defined by the events of the past
Intimidated by the monsters that lurk in the shadows
Life is not a puzzle to be solved, fixed or sorted
It may be messy but it is a miracle

Be open to every possibility
Strip it down, clear your mind
Immerse yourself in the simplicity

Embrace the elegance of life
Be ingenious, be brave enough to face any challenge

Beauty can be found in everything
Celebrate yourself, focus on the good
Forget what you think you know
Find the inspiration in the present moment
Never fight against the flow

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

Inspired By The Daily Prompt Elegance 

Unicorn Inspired Gift Ideas : A Gift Guide For Unicorn Lovers

unicorn gift ideas bajezen


Unicorns for me represent beauty and magic. I have always loved anything unicorn themed. I really do not know anyone who doesn’t  From My Little Pony days to the rainbow inspired drinks; I do not think they will ever go out of style. Here are some gift ideas for the unicorn lovers in your life.Not only are they super cute; they are also all under $ 40. Add some magic to your life today. Get a unicorn inspired gift.


ASOS NEVADA MOON Unicorn Slippers  

unicorns bajezen

Loungeable Unicorn Slip on Slipper

unicorn gift bajezen

Unicorn Desk Planner

uni planner bajezen

Sass & Belle Unicorn Lockable Notebook

sass and belle notebook. bajezen

Sass & Belle Unicorn and Rainbow Set of 3 Cases

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Unicorn Magic the Royal Collection: Bella’s Birthday Unicorn / Where’s Glimmer? / Green With Envy

unicorn bajezen

Messages from the Unicorns Coloring Book : Includes a Unicorn Meditation Audio Download (Paperback)

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Girls’ Cozy Unicorn Hoodie – Cat & Jack™

unicorn gift bajezen

Okie Dokie Unicorn Stuffed Animal


unicorn bajezen


Fluffy the Unicorn Plush Pajama Pant


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NAILS INC. Unicorn Nail Polish Duo

bajezen unicorn gifts


What is on your Christmas Wishlist this year



The Daily Prompt : Live Agelessly

live agelessly bajezen.blog


Are you defined by the amount that is assigned to the number of years you have spent on this plane?

Worried about the gray hairs, the wrinkles, the pending aches and pains

You can feel young at 80 or  heavy laden at 20


Age is merely a reflection of how you carry your experiences
It has everything to do with mentality

You can be capable of everything or nothing
It really is all up to you

Just get moving, get off your butt and do what your heart pushes you to do

Don’t be thwarted by the illusion of an expiration date for certain achievements

Once you are living and breathing and you hold your vision
Dreams can be achieved

Forget about the years

Live in the here and now and forget about your age. 

Written By Tachira Wiltshire

A Poem Inspired By The Daily Prompt Age 


The Daily Prompt : The Season Of Sparkle

We often lose the wonder and amazement we possessed as children when we have grown older

I am not sure when life transforms from a magical experience into somewhat of a mad hatter’s tale

It’s the time of year that warms our hearts. The giggles of happy little ones, dazzling  lights, and the tinsel

The merry tunes, the rum and spirits and sweet treats that make our senses tingle

In the Caribbean, we typically take this time to have a clutter clearing session

We strip the house, toss out the old things, freshen up our surroundings with a fresh coat of paint and break out our best in decor

We live for the opportunity to live it up even if it just for a day

We spread joy, share love, good food and spend our day with treasured  company that makes our day truly sparkle

I do not know anyone who does not love Christmas

You can literally feel the joy-buzzing in the air especially when we do not focus on just the commercial

This season let’s focus on spreading positivity, spreading our light and celebrating life
This crazy beautiful miracle.

Written By Tachira Wiltshire

Serene : The Daily Post Photo Challenge

The Daily Post Photo Challenge _Serene bajezen


Sometimes we need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A moment of peace in the midst of all the madness. A getaway, a soul recharge to quiet our busy minds and put all the stress on pause. Nothing for me is more relaxing as a beautiful sunset, a body of water; the issues seem so insignificant in contrast to the vastness of it all. These simple moments of calm I treasure. A moment to reflect, take a deep breath and simply be SERENE.


serene bajezen

bajezen serene

bajezen serene

bajezen serene

bajezen serenebajezen serene

The Authenthic Bajan Foodie Experience

The Authenthic Bajan Food Experience Bajezen.Blog


A visit to Barbados would not be complete without some authentic Barbadian cuisine. From the ground provisions to the grilled fish and everything in between, we have something here for every palate. For all you foodies check out these spots for a satisfying belly full as us locals would say.

These are recommendations from my girl Nao who recently moved here from England . I think she has realy great taste and one bite of these delicacies will have you licking your lips and nodding in agreement . Check out Traditional Bajan Cuisine.  


Strong Foods – Blackrock, St Michael also know as Yelluhmeat.   https://www.yelluhmeat.com/
Check out their roast breadfruit and sweet potato bowls

The Brown Sugar Restaurant–   Bay Street, St . Michael dubbed as The Home Of Bajan Cuisine

Martins Bay St John – Known for their awesome fish fry http://www.barbados.org/martins-bay-barbados.htm

Chillin and Grillin Bar – Oistins, Christ Church .https://chillinandgrillinbar.com/ When you visit there tell Roger we said Hi!

The Fisherman’s Pub – Speightstown.  Great food and a good lime

The Atlantis Hotel -Tent Bay, St. Joseph. They serve  Bajan buffets on Wednesdays and Sundays. This one has a more romantic ambiance .http://www.atlantishotelbarbados.com/Barbados-Fine-Dining/


Lemon Arbour – St John. Drinks , food and an all around good time


Cuz Fish Shack – Pebbles Beach . Light bites on the beach .The best fish sandwiches ever.


Chicken George and Yankee Joe – Rockley, Christ Church . Who doesn’t  love a good beach bar ?

Sunbury Plantation – St. Philip . If you fancy a bit of history, brunch , a spot of tea . This is the spot for you .

The Authenthic Bajan Food Experience Bajezen.Blog 2 (1).png

I hope you enjoyed this post . Do you have any Bajan Foodie experiences to share . Comment below with your recommendations .

The Underdog Triumph

the underdog bajezen

No one should ever be underestimated
Inferior, unworthy, loser these words don’t define you
Limits .. what limits?
The smart ones know they are just self-imposed
Take that dream, those wishes, that vision and nurture them  until they  grow
Belief makes everything possible
You are capable, spread your wings and just soar
Let the cannots  fuel your determination
Prove them wrong, transform that dirt into gold
Do it with passion, your own flair and write the greatest tale of an underdog triumph that was ever told.
Written By Tachira Wiltshire

A Poem inspired by The Daily Prompt Underdog

The Empty Nest

The Empty Nest baje


Memories of the pitter patter of little feet
A cocktail of laughter and tears, the breakups, the makeups
Building a home is never an easy job
It takes hard work married with creativity
You want to keep your little  ones safely tucked under your wings
With a huge dose of faith and pangs of anxiety, you let them go
Knowing one day they would grow up to do brave and marvelous things
Your will was always tested but you refused to let them stray
The baby bird now grown will always be a baby in her mother’s eyes
You blink and in instant, your little ones have flown away
It’s quiet now, maybe too quiet
The proud mother hen smiles, knowing she did her best
We can only pray to keep them protected, to raise them well and hopefully they will live a good life beyond the nest
Written By Tachira Wiltshire

Sunday Soul- Food : Expressing Gratitude In Trying Times

sunday soul food bajezen

Thanksgiving is typically associated with expressing gratitude. I believe we do not need a season to be grateful. Life can sometimes be like a dark cloud hanging over our heads. Those days are not pleasant but are an absolute necessity in life.On gloomy days we can find some of our best inspiration.

Hard times teach us to be strong and to keep trying. We can be surrounded by the darkest of nights and somehow we manage to step forward into the unknown guided only by our faith. Be grateful for the moments that test you they will teach you patience.Your problems teach you how to be ingenious and cm up with solutions. There is nothing in life that you can not overcome. There is no yin without yang, no light without darkness. The next time you are going through a trying period; remember it won’t last forever and there is always something to be grateful for. You are doing your best and that really is all that matters.

Have a Wonderful day and remember to express gratitude to someone special in your life 🙂


What are you grateful for today? What have you learned from the tough times in your life?

Droll : The Daily Prompt

the daily prompt droll


Not your typical type of funny
Witty and dry humour
Quick as a whip and right on the money
Clap backs and comebacks
She would never let life take its toll
Oddly amusing her approach was quite droll
Sarcasm was the essence of her repertoire
Don’t take it personally she revelled in the irony of life
You couldn’t help to embrace her big and bold personality.

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

Some randomness inspired by the Daily Prompt