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My theme for the week seems to be letting go of what no longer serves me . It’s amazing how much junk we hold on to . Old hurts , old feelings and outdated beliefs . I just got so tired of the heaviness of it all. Letting go like life is an evolutionary process.  We all have to remember the importance of being here now . To me being here now means observing the past , learning from it but not letting it steal our present joy . Sometimes we just have to set it all on fire and let it burn and and let the ashes fly . We can not run from the trials and tribulations or the pain . We must grow through it , learn from it . Boy in life do we learn . I appreciate what I have and from appreciation more will manifest. Hating where you are now will only make you miserable . Misery is most definitely our purpose for being here . There is no right or wrong way of life . Life is just that .. it is what it is  . There are no mistakes in the universe . The more we fight the worse it will be . Now time for a little rest and relaxation . Let the future take care of itself . Trust the process .img_3104img_3106

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