Serene : The Daily Post Photo Challenge

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The Daily Post Photo Challenge _Serene bajezen


Sometimes we need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A moment of peace in the midst of all the madness. A getaway, a soul recharge to quiet our busy minds and put all the stress on pause. Nothing for me is more relaxing as a beautiful sunset, a body of water; the issues seem so insignificant in contrast to the vastness of it all. These simple moments of calm I treasure. A moment to reflect, take a deep breath and simply be SERENE.


serene bajezen

bajezen serene

bajezen serene

bajezen serene

bajezen serenebajezen serene

11 thoughts on “Serene : The Daily Post Photo Challenge

  1. Success Inspirers' World says:

    I am happy to meet someone from Barbados. In my country we do not hear much about Barbados but It’s a beautiful country. Thank God for blogging I have been able to meet a lovely person like you from this lovely country I am delight to know more and more about. My love to all the people of Barbados around you now. Love from Cameroon.

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