Simple Moments :Priceless

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simple moments


Caught up in the endless pursuit of “more”
Stressed out, worked up
We have lost sight of what the true value of life is
You know what makes a life?
A life rich and full of flavor
It’s the moments
Breathtaking, captivating, incomparable, priceless
The giddy excitement of a first kiss
Mesmerizing touches and heart-pounding bliss
The sight of a newborn after nine months of anticipating
The rush of the first time making love, that first trip
A rollercoaster ride of emotions, leaving you smiling sweetly throughout the day
The presence of a lover that takes your breath away
Time spent with friends and loved ones to keep the blues at bay
A heart overflowing with love, a mind at peace, a grateful soul
Cherished moments, treasured memories
A life worth its weight in gold
Priceless .

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

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