Self Care Made Easy – 8 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood

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For me, self-care is the ultimate expression of self-love and self-acceptance. Life can get so hectic that we forget to take a minute just to take a deep breath, relax and think about what nice thing we can do for ourselves. Just ask yourself what can I do today to bring me joy?

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I don’t know about you guys but I love keeping it simple. These are easy and effective and as simple as they are they keep me sane … Well, kinda Sanity is overrated anyhow.



Infused waters are the best. Try whatever you like, fruits, herbs, spices. Mix it up. Let’s face it water alone is kind of blah.infused water bajezen


I bought myself an adult coloring book and some crayons. Something about getting in touch with my inner child. Sparking my creativity.? It’s very relaxing.



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Yoga and Meditation.

YouTube is my best friend. I usually do five or ten-minute videos. Just a few minutes of pause can make the world of difference. Here is a link to a simple five-minute video. 

Always been tempted to give yoga and meditation a try? Check out these two blog posts which highlight all the benefits of this power duo.

12  Big Benefits of Meditation     and    Yoga Is For Everyone 

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Drink Your Vitamins 

Green smoothies, fruit smoothies, veggies, herbs. This is how you can squeeze in some of that boring healthy stuff lol. Experiment. They literally take a few mins to make. Your body will thank you for it. Pictured a beet and berry smoothie that I made.

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. A good way to get the blood pumping, get some fresh air, clear your mind. I prefer a good beach walk whenever possible. I mean who can resist the ocean? 

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Listening to music.

Get up and dance. Shake a leg. Sing out loud. Music just soothes the soul. Something you can really have fun with.


No, I don’t mean the news. Let it be something positive. Some positive affirmations. Subscribe to an uplifting newsletter. Check out my post on five inspirational newsletters here 🙂

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Beauty Ritual.

Pampering is always a pick me up. I am a nail polish junkie. Pretty nails just make me happy. I also do an at home mask and facial scrub once a week .the ultimate is a  foot soak. Epsom salts, warm water, and any essential oil. My favorite is lavender. Aromatherapy plus soft tootsies. Multiple treats at once. Below is the masque I am using at the moment it’s $19.95 on Amazon. I absolutely love it.

Stress is the thrash of modern life- we all generate it but if you don't dispose of it properly , it will pile up and overtake your life Click To Tweet

What’s your favorite self-care or beauty ritual?


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Beach photo credit Marvin Forde 

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57 thoughts on “Self Care Made Easy – 8 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood

  1. Self care is life!!! I particularly like meditation and listening to music, those both calm the soul and I think medication is especially important because it allows you to be still and really put things into perspective.

  2. anissa4334 says:

    I need to get on top of my nightly skin care routine. Maybe I’ll do a mask and listen to music while waiting for it to dry. I love to take walks too.

  3. Is that beach in your backyard!? Lol i wanna go there righr now! ? love all these tips! And the smoothie in the martini glass is so stinking cute! Love it!! Great post as usual!

    • Ana it is about ten minutes from here so I like to imagine it is my own personal pool .lol I honestly do not get there often enough . Thanks for commenting

  4. imperfectlyperfectmamablog says:

    Love these ideas! I agree that self care is a must! Everyone needs to do something to replenish their soul as often as possible!

  5. Self care is life. A half an hour jog in the morning listening to music helps me kick start my day. It keeps me energized for the entire day.

  6. I love that quote about stress being the modern trash, so true! I love lemon/lime infused water as a part of my every day so never thought of it as a self-care item. Coloring and journalling are ways I like to let go of stress, along with yoga & meditation daily!

  7. Kamapala Chukwuka says:

    Like you Tachi, I love keeping my self-care simple- Apart from these amazing tips you’ve shared, I like a long soak in the bath 🙂 I also love dancing with my boys gives me so much joy.

  8. I make time for most of year activities weekly. I’m always making time for self-care every day. I have 45 minutes every morning where I read, meditate, exercise and spend time on self-care and personal development. Sets me up for the day ?

  9. Infused water is actually so good and definitely walking. I haven’t mastered the art of running (I hate it for now), but when I’m stressed, I love to go on walks and breathe fresh air.

    • Thank You very much. I appreciate all of the kind responses. Thanks for the sub . I will try my best to keep up with the writing 🙂

  10. Great read! Thanks for the ideas. I’m gonna have to try the infused water, it looks delish. Life is so hectic it’s hard to find time for self care but after reading this I’m inspired to make the time lol.

  11. Such a colorful and powerful post. Music is a complete therapy. Whenever I am feeling down or sad or feel little stress I always put my handsfree on and listen to my favorite tracks. It changes my mood rapidly. Reading is also in my things-to-do list.

  12. You mention literally all of my favorite ways to practice self care! I try to do a little bit of at least one of these things every day. Well, I try to hydrate every day, but I try to meditate and/or read every day too!

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