Sucess is in your Dna :Hidden potential

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We all have the potential to be great
In some, it is just hidden
Hidden by the insecurities
Thoughts of will he like me, will they accept me
Haunted by the word no, the rejection of past ideas
Daunted by the challenges that everyday life throws in our face
Voices in our heads saying no you aren’t good enough
Thwarted by criticisms disguised as  caring words
You have not got what it takes you will never have the stuff
The stuff that success is made of
Success was not designed for a select few
It’s everyone’s birthright
There for all of us to claim
It all depends on your world view
We all have a calling, a vision, a gift
That was implanted the day we were conceived
Success is in our DNA
Do not the let the words of the naysayers and negative self-talk  drown you out
Tap into your subconscious when you are faced with doubt
Retrain your brain to see the good in everything
This will help you tap into your hidden potential
You are not a loser
you were placed here to win

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

6 thoughts on “Sucess is in your Dna :Hidden potential

  1. Naysayers? I drown their voices out, can’t hear them. I’d rather put my energy into doing what I was put on this Earth to do, to be, to give. Knowing that I was made in God’s image helps!

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