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I have been nominated for this award by the beautiful Obioma. She is one of the first bloggers I met when I first started on my blogging journey. She has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. her kinds words and inspirational posts keep me going on those rough days. 

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The National Flag Of Barbados

The National  Pledge Of Barbados 



I pledge allegiance to my country Barbados and to my flag, 
To uphold and defend their honor,
And by my living to do credit 
to my nation wherever I go.



One Of My Favorite Quotes 

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Rawlings Blog 

Wonderseekers Blog

Angel Lou 


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Serene : The Daily Post Photo Challenge

The Daily Post Photo Challenge _Serene bajezen


Sometimes we need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A moment of peace in the midst of all the madness. A getaway, a soul recharge to quiet our busy minds and put all the stress on pause. Nothing for me is more relaxing as a beautiful sunset, a body of water; the issues seem so insignificant in contrast to the vastness of it all. These simple moments of calm I treasure. A moment to reflect, take a deep breath and simply be SERENE.


serene bajezen

bajezen serene

bajezen serene

bajezen serene

bajezen serenebajezen serene

Carlisle Bay :All Inclusive Fun In The Sun


bajezen carlisle bay barbados

When you think of Barbados what is the first thing that comes to mind? After Rihanna .. the sun, sea, and sand of course! My fellow beach lovers can attest that no two beaches are created alike. Some just have a special place in our hearts; after all, saltwater soothes the soul.
There is one beach you absolutely have to visit when in Barbados: Carlisle Bay. For us who live in the neighborhood, it is affectionately known as Browne’s beach. There are so many reasons why you must pay a visit to this beach. I must admit I am a bit biased it is my neighborhood after all. I promise after you read this post you will understand why I think it is one of the best beaches on the island. It is simply an all-inclusive fun in the sun experience.

20170323_094816 (1)


Browne’s beach is one of the largest beaches in Barbados. These calm pristine waters are perfect for a sea bath, diving and swimming with the turtles. The golden sands will entice you to grab a beach chair and lounge, not to mention you can lime at any one of the four beach bars/ nightclubs. Each has something to offer to suit anyone’s tastes.

On this beautiful stretch of beach you can find :

Harbour Lights: They are well-known for their  Beach Extravaganza and Dinner Show; which happens every Monday and Wednesday evening. This show gives you an authentic peek at Barbadian culture.

Copacabana:  They offer day passes and one of my faves Pudding and Souse Fridays.

The BoatYard Barbados: A beach bar offering watersports and so much more.

The Pirates Cove Barbados: They offer Black Pearl party cruises.


Just hop on a route 11 van and you can get to the heart of Bridgetown or in a few minutes you could be on the south coast. After your wonderful soak at the beach, you can take in a bit of history at the Barbados Museum or pop over to the Garrison Savannah.

Take a tour of George Washington House and have some breakfast or lunch at Coffee Barbados. This gem is tucked away in Bush hill on the same site as the house If you prefer you can grab a bite at Cuz’s fish shack for some of the best fish cutters (sandwiches) in Barbados. It is located in Aquatic Gap behind the Hilton Hotel.

IMG_3714george Washington house bajezencoffee barbados bajezengeorge washington house bajezen

If you are looking for somewhere to stay that is close to the beach this area has that covered as well.

  Hilton Hotel,

Nautilus Beach Apartments 

Savannah Hotel,

Sugar Bay,

Banyan Court Apartments 

Just to name a few.

This beach is a hive of activity. Whether you want to get a tan, spend a fun day with the family, have a taste of local cuisine or simply just want to relax and take in the scenery there is something here for you. 

Have you ever visited Barbados? Share your experiences I would love to hear from you 🙂


fun in the sun barbados


bajezen fun in the sun

Flower Alley : All Things Bajan Independence Feature

flower alley bajezen.blog

Flower Alley is located on Broad Street next to the Lower Broad street taxi stand. This caught my eye because of the street wall art. Am I the only one that thinks street murals are creative and attention-grabbing. This one captures some scenes from traditional Barbadian life. Kudos to the artist.

Flower Alley is also named after a horse owned by Eugene Melnyk, a Ukrainian Canadian businessman who lives in Barbados. In honour the horse he adopted the street in 2012.

If you are ever on Lower Broad Street you can take a peek.

Information Source The Nation News Barbados.

A Taste Of The Good Life : My 1st Vegan Experience

vegan bajezen



To be honest, when I think about vegan food its synonymous with eating paper ? As an adventurous food loving Libra I decided to give it a try; because healthy is the new sexy. So I took the leap and visited The Good Life – it’s located in the Hastings area. It’s a cool vibe place like Bob Marley meets surfer dude. Not only is it five minutes from the beach, the food is legit. Love at first bite. Everything was freshly made and the service was excellent. Good service gets 100 points from me. I had an all veggie spinach wrap which was so big I had to take home half, brown rice (chicken ) I broke the rules there and of course a smoothie. ( I swear they soothe my soul ). I should mention they are not exclusively vegan as the menu states it is An Eco -Cafe, and Bar. Anytime you are in Barbados or in the area; give it a try. When it comes to good food I don’t discriminate. 

good life cafe bajezengood life menu bajezengood life menu 2 bajezengood life cafe smoothiegood life cafe bajezengood life wrapsgood life rice bajezenhemp facts bajezengood life bajezen

Check them out on Trip Advisor