Natural Body Essentials Entrepreneur Feature

Hi there Lovelies and welcome to my first entrepreneur feature for 201 9! I admire anyone who has a passion for what they do and I am also a serious product junkie so I knew that this company would be a perfect fit for this feature. I am all about that natural life and I think we should all be conscious of what we put on our bodies. I think we all can agree natural is the way to go. Check out Natural Body Essentials on Instagram and Facebook .

Meet The Boss Crafter Behind It All

My name is Rea Mclean, I am from Trinidad & Tobago. I’ve always loved creating things with my hands. I’ve always been interested in making candles actually, I would look at videos on Youtube about how it’s done. I could get lost for in it for hours. I then started watching videos on soapmaking and thought it was really cool. I had always wanted to try it but was always nervous somehow. After a few years of just watching videos and making all kinds of excuses, I saw an ad for classes teaching how to make candles and soap and I signed up. I learned so much more than I thought I would, not realizing that it would change my life.

When and why did you decide to start your business?

I started selling soaps and candles last year. It first started as a side hustle. Something to do on the side to make some extra money. Living on my own after going through some tough times I had to figure out how to keep afloat. I started to read more and educate myself more about what I was creating. I wanted to do something different not just make soaps but I wanted to make soaps that can really benefit my customers. So reading and testing out the soaps really allowed me to understand how it works.

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So here I was making soaps and candles. Now my friends and family always encouraged me but I was always doubtful. So I had to put my doubts aside because I had to believe that God didn’t put me in this world to suffer. Something I started saying is,  I refuse to be a victim of poverty. So I started to make more soaps more candles posting pictures online and on WhatsApp. It was slow for a while and probably because I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. After losing my job I started to push harder. I added lip balms and deodorants to my line as well, and with the help and encouragement of my loved ones I created Natural Body Essentials. Now I must say that I have gotten it wrong at times as well and failure helps you to learn. Always remember to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

What products do you offer and where can we find them?

At Natural Body Essential we create soaps, lotions, body butter, lip balms, deodorant, and candles as well.
One of our soap lines is the Unscented Series- these soaps are designed for persons with any skin problems from, psoriasis, eczema, blemishes or sensitive skin. I’m really proud of this because a lot of people have skin problems and are looking for a solution to it; especially here in the West Indies. The products are made from natural ingredients and cured to ensure maximum results. That also goes for the luxury soaps as well. We have a page on Facebook and Instagram which gives an opportunity to interact with customers and people from all over the world.
One of my dreams is to create a product line for hotels worldwide .

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Natural Body Essentials to me embodies the perfect balance of passion and creativity. Being an entrepreneur is definitely challenging but with a positive attitude and a drive to succeed all things are possible. I think that is something we all can apply to our lives. Check them out if you are in need of some pampering, me time, looking for a gift or you need a natural product to add that extra breath of fresh air to your life.

Natural Body essentials -Entrepreneur feature

What are some of your favourite essential oils and natural products?