The Power of Words

I feel quite at home in the WordPress community. This is my small tribute to all the lovely bloggers out there. Thanks for your encouragement .I also want to thank those who take the time to read what I write.  Your comments and support give me the motivation to keep writing. Thank you all.


Words are so simple
The irony is small things can have a mighty effect
Words can paint a picture
Weave a tale
Ignite a fire of inspiration
Make a heart soar

Launch a ship of ideas, make the unthinkable set sail
Tantalize the imagination
Teleportation: transport you another time and place

A double-edged sword
Words can spread the venom of hate
Cut down the tallest tree of confidence
Leaving you in the forest of despair

Enchanted you find the words that move you
Captivate you 
Emotive , haunting , beautiful
They give you the strength to carry on 

Bringing you to life 
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

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