Traditional Bajan Cuisine : My 6 faves

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In this modern-day society, many of the traditional customs have fallen by the wayside.

We have become so ”advanced” but are we really?  Or are we on the verge of becoming self-absorbed, consumer driven selfie taking zombies? Maybe I am being overly dramatic; I have been accused of having an overly active imagination.

People here in Barbados have complained about a lack of community spirit. The society has become more ”me” based and less ”we” based . I, however, do not like to generalise. There are still people out there who are respectful, caring and willing to share. Let’s not compare ”then ” and ”now” because as humans we all have short comings. Each generation has had their vices. There ends the preachy segment of this post.

Let’s talk about traditional Bajan food . I am going to list my six favourites. If you ever visit give them a try.

Cou Cou or Coo Coo and flying fish is our national dish. It’s a mixture of cornmeal and okra. It can go with any type of meat. I love it with pork.

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Pudding and Souse. This is what I like to call a weekend dish. We usually have  Souse on a Saturday but for me, any day of the week will do. What we call souse is pickled pork and the pudding is steamed sweet potato.  It can also be eaten with breadfruit.  Just delicious if you are not vegetarian of course.20170725_182537

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Macaroni pie. This is the Bajan version of mac and cheese. Just baked and just as yummy. Cheesy Goodness.


Fishcakes . These are typically made with pickled cod-fish mixed with flour and seasonings to make a batter, which is then fried. When you visit, ask for a bread and two. It’s usually a salt bread with two fish cakes.


Tamarind Balls. The best of both worlds, a sweet and sour snack. Brings back childhood memories. My grand mother used to make them for us. We had a tamarind tree in our back yard. These are my bff Mich fave as well.


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All of these dishes; you are going to need something to wash them down right?

Let’s talk about rum.   Mount Gay Rum is the oldest rum in Barbados. It was established in  1703 . Rum in Barbados is as common as the beach. There are approximately 1500 rum shops in Barbados. No, we are not all drunkards lol but we know rum. The plus is most of these shops serve the traditional delicacies I have listed and many others. Rum and coke is our favourite. There are also many varieties of rum white, brown, spiced. the choice is yours.


Hope you enjoyed this little slice of  Bajan cuisine.  You can simply google any of the dishes listed if you want to experiment with any of them.  Thanks for reading.