Hump day : 3 practical tips for getting over life’s humps

Today is the middle of the week, Wednesday, affectionately known as hump day. Some weeks are never-ending and for all you guys having a rough week, it’s known as why isn’t it Friday yet.


getting over humps bajezen


In life, we are all faced with humps.Some bigger than others. The easy ones you leap over like an Olympic high jumper. Others, well they seem like mountains and you are stuck at the bottom scratching your head wondering where you should start.

Some days you wake up bright and full of energy and others getting out of bed seems so disheartening. You just want to give up. On those days you have to dig deep, really deep. My preferred way to deal with those days is to channel my inner toddler and scream, throw a tantrum. Not very mature, I know but you would be surprised how therapeutic it can be. Here are my three tips for dealing with life’s humps.

Flip da script: It’s all about perspective. When life hands you lemons, don’t get sour. Make the best out of it. As they say, make lemonade and for that really rough dilemma, a margarita will do. It’s all about how you view the challenge. So, for instance,  you lost your job? Let me just say; it won’t be your last job. Let’s think of it in a positive light. You will have more free time to pursue what you are really passionate about, whatever floats your boat. You never know what idea, inspiration may hit you. It could even lead to a whole new career. This is a chance to reinvent yourself.


Accept where you are. I am not condoning settling of any sort here. As one of my favourite motivational gurus Rebecca Boruki would say ”allow the suck”. Make peace with where you are. Sometimes despite our best efforts, we fall flat on our faces. When this happens, reflect, accept and don’t get stuck back there.  Get up, dust off and go at it again. Just roll with it. Everything is temporary. Think back to all the times you were faced with a problem, issue or challenge.  They always worked out right? Trust that even when things are seemingly going wrong, it’s all in your favour. The universe always has your back.


Find a healthy coping mechanism. Stress can wear you down and sometimes knock you out. There is a reason why meditation and yoga have become so popular. They are good for your mental, emotional and physical health. So many studies have proven this fact, don’t just take my word for it. Do your research. If these are too woo woo for you.You can read a good book, exercise, watching a good comedy. Laughter is so soothing. Have you ever tried colouring? I love my adult coloring book 🙂 It get’s me in touch with my inner child and creativity.Find something that brings you peace and gives you clarity.Inner peace can be the antidote to any of the stressors that life brings.

What do you do to cope with life ‘s humps? Happy hump day everyone. Love and Blessings