Live with purpose

Don’t ask what the world needs

Ask what makes you come alive and do it.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. Harold Whitman


live with purpose

This was a post from my Facebook page seven years ago. We as humans are such creatures of habit. We do what feels safe, we are a slave to a routine. We get so caught up in the everyday drama that we forget to live with purpose.

For me,  purpose is not something we search aimlessly for. It is doing whatever sets your soul on fire. It’s helping someone even it is in the slightest way possible. It is doing whatever brings you joy. 

Purpose is not settling, not living out of obligation, not living in fear and with resentment. You may say easier said than done right?. I challenge you and myself to do at least one thing each day that will make you smile. Get in touch with your youth, that playful side. Do something you love and I guarantee that will light a spark that will make you come alive.

Over the years I have let the things I love doing fall by the wayside in favour of work and chasing a few coins m Literally! Well, the universe just gave me a hard smack in the face which has encouraged me to start making investing in myself a priority. This quote serves as a reminder. If you want to do something no matter how weird how quirky how seemingly impossible. Just start. Being your authentic self is truly a blessing to this world.  You never know who your light will shine on. We certainly need more of that in this world. As Drake ‘s album said it’s time for #morelife. Love and Blessings. Tachi