Limitless Beings : We Were Created For Greatness

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What do you think is holding you back in life? Is there something you want to go after but can only think of all the reasons why you can’t and won’t achieve it? What if I told you. You were limitless. Would you believe it?
Our bodies are just our home. A home where our soul resides. Think of your spirit as your driving force. Your reason for being. The essential essence of you. That uniqueness that no one else has.
In reality, we are capable of every and anything we desire to do. Just think about it with hard work, imagination and perseverance anything can be achieved. We did put a man on the moon, didn’t we?
We are born with unlimited potential. We burst into the world as a spark but as we grow older I think we are shaped and confined but what others tell us we can not do.

Can’t don’t you just hate that word?

I remember how much I loved art at school. I also remember my art teacher telling me she was never really impressed by my art. You Can’t be a real artist she said. Unfortunately, I took those words to heart and gave it up. I figured she was the expert after all. She was the teacher.
”You can’t .” Those two little negative words can have such an impact on the psyche. We all know what we tell ourselves continually is what we believe and what we act upon. This is why positive reinforcement is so essential.


Negative self-talk and discouraging words have killed so many dreams. They lead us to believe things like ”oh only certain people can achieve that or you are not good enough, strong enough or brave enough to slay those dragons and get your kingdom. (too much GOT episodes and fantasy tv) :))

Have you ever watched American Ninja Warrior? That show is an excellent example of how belief and doing things in spirit can aid you in overcoming every and any barrier, roadblock, a diversion that life throws at you.
Your only limits are in the belief that you can’t get it done. The belief that it’s easier to sit in fear instead of taking the leap. The belief that you are not enough. All you need is a dream, a goal, a ton of perseverance and a positive outlook.
Now I am not saying it’s possible to be positive all the time. There will be days where you just want to chuck everything in the trash and give up. On those days you just have to stick with it and try a little harder. Nothing worth having in life will ever be easy. Just make sure when you fall down you get back up and do not wallow in self-pity.
Think about it? What is there to lose anyway? Money ? Your life? Well, you are destined to lose that anyway. Just sit and contemplate nature; I mean look around you. Really examine it. Think about the divine source that created you.

Say this simple phrase I am and I can. I am capable of great things. I can achieve everything I have envisioned. Say it until you believe it. 

There are persons who seemingly have everything going against them. Poverty, disability, mental disorders and they have persevered and thrived in life. You know what these people all have in common?  A fighting spirit and undying will and belief that despite their circumstances they would overcome all obstacles.
We are limitless. The trick is to believe that we are. Stop procrastinating. Go after that goal that dreams that wish. Do it today.

Have a Great Saturday Everyone

Love and Blessings Tachi