Mon ..Day …Monday… My day

Poor Monday she has such a bad reputation.



Monday is like the negative Nancy you want to avoid. Just one mention of Monday and it elicits such groans, moans, and overall depression.

Hey, what if we made Monday a magnificent day? Start the week on a positive note. Write a short list of what you want to achieve for the week. Just greet the day with a smile.

I saw a guy this morning, snapping his fingers, singing loudly and smiling. That is the kind of fervor I want to have for life.

Do you really want to waste another Monday, another day of your life filled with dread? Waiting for something better to come? Today is the only day you may have, so make it an awesome one.

let’s make Monday a fun day as well. Remember you are fabulous, you are fierce. Today is your day, make it a joyful one.

What are you going to do today to make this day a magnificent one?