How To Have A Successful Blog With Minimal Money

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You will find tons of articles claiming shortcut techniques to increase traffic on your blog and earn millions from ads.


But is it true?


Can anyone follow those shortcuts and maintain a successful blog?


The answer is no! Maintaining a successful blog is an art, and one has to become an artist to earn bucks. 


Before you think of your blog as a money tree, you must have the zeal and enthusiasm of being a passionate content writer. The talent of marketing your blog, designing the posters, and some digital marketing skills should be learned before starting this journey. 


Even if you hire the best content writers and spend thousands on paid promotions, your blog will still take time to become popular. 


But today, in this article, we will discuss the ways by which you can run a successful blog with minimal money. How much to spend on paid promotions and how many content writers or graphic designers to hire? Let’s find an easy answer to all these questions.


Decide The Niche 


The web might suggest you choose ‘technology,’ ‘politics,’ or ‘business’ as the most searched niche, but you can choose any! Select that niche on which you always wanted to work on and can write about it quickly. E.g., if you ever wanted to start a food blog, then don’t get confused about whether it will have good traffic or not. 


Select a niche that you can handle later on in such a way that you don’t go short of ideas in the future. Based on the niche, start hiring content writers and graphic designers. For starting, you can hire freelancers to get your job done efficiently and quickly.


Select A Domain Name


Depending on your budget, decide on whether you will buy your own custom domain name or use a popular platform like Survey says that the money-making blogs have their custom domain names, and they use BlueHost, HostGator, 1&1 Hosting, etc. domain name providers.


While doing content writing and bringing your blog/website at the top, SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) matters a lot. You must use ‘’ or ‘’ domain and try to keep the domain short, i.e., less than 15 words.


Quality Over Quantity


It’s the biggest mistake rather than a myth that uploading innumerable articles every day will help you grow traffic. A big NO! Ask your content writers and editors to focus more on SEO, keyword quality, and keyword density than writing numerous articles every day.


Follow the strategy followed by your competitors and decide the number of articles to be uploaded each day. Find trending topics and write plagiarism-free content. The articles should be specific and match the niche of your blog. 


Market Your Blog


Social media platforms will bring organic traffic. Through your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram page, it will make your followers visit your blog. You can take the help of paid promotions as well (paid advertisements on Instagram are advised). 


Along with this, write some articles on popular platforms like,, Reddit, and Quora. Hook your social media followers with few digital campaigns and regular stories and posts that ultimately force them to visit your blog. 


Take The Help Of Email Marketing


To bring more people to your blog, you can use email marketing services provided by MailChimp or Aweber to send updates about your blog to more than 1000+ people at one time. You can use custom templates to send emails that will attract more people.


Through your blog, you can build an email list by offering free e-books and magazines which require filling up their email id. This way, you can collect a considerable database too!  

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Use AMP Plug-in And Google Analytics


This initiative by Google speeds up the web page using JS and minified CSS code. It’s more helpful when websites are opened on mobile phones. 


Using Google Analytics, one can keep track of keywords, statistics, number of visitors, etc. By doing this, you can change your strategies and find out which topics and keywords are best to use.



Enable Permalinks


If you are using WordPress, don’t forget to use the feature of permalinks. It will suggest you SEO friendly URLs. Permalinks are located within the settings > permalinks section of your WordPress admin page. After that, select the post name option. 




Apart from the above technical requirements, one can use freelancing websites to hire content writers and graphic designers. Depending on your initial budget, you can decide their salaries. 


Don’t bombard your team with several articles and posters; otherwise, the quality will suffer. As soon as your profit increases, it is your moral responsibility to increase the salary of your team as well. This will ensure long-lasting quality and better team formation.


PPC(Pay Per Click) ads, along with affiliate marketing, can also be tried using your website. All these are some of the best ways to start a successful blog with minimum money.

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