Grace Not Perfection -A Fresh Start For A Blissful And Fulfilled 2019 . Fall In Love With New Beginnings

Welcome 2019, 365 new chances, new opportunities, experiences, and adventures. 2018 was a blink and you miss it sort of year because I still feel like I am in summer somewhere on the beach listening to Kes singing Hello and pretending he made that song just for me. I have never been one to subscribe to the New year New me mantra; the process of self-improvement and development has never been a wave a magic wand type of thing.
The newness , the fresh start comes when you open your eyes each day; when you give thanks and hopefully navigate whatever challenges, issues or problems that particular day throws at you or NOT.
Let’s be honest some days you just aren’t feeling it we just don’t have it in us to kill it and really who says we have to? We were not created to be constantly seeking, doing, searching or forcing. There is no shame in wanting and needing a break. sometimes your soul absolutely deserves it.

Joy is the key to your life feeling good no matter what year it is -Sarah Prout

It took me quite a few years to grasp this concept. Life will be what it is. Golden, blah, messy what you really need to focus on is how you perceive it. Now I am not going to tell you to be positive all of the time. What I have learned is that you need to find bliss and liveliness even in the broken places.

There will always be a time when you feel like shit, when your energy will be depleted; when you will revel in feeling sorry for yourself ;  when you literally may want to set your entire life on fire and watch it burn. Do you think having these moments or thoughts makes you a bad person? They sure as hell do not. There really is nothing sexy or appealing about perfection. Own your energy, revel in your mess. Do the very best with whatever you are given. The world does not need you picture perfect and and prim and proper. The world needs your rawness, the uncut and unedited version.

New beginnings I love them . I consider them to be one of my very best friends . Losing a familiar face or space may be distressing but nothing cripples you more than stagnation. Back to this New years thing . The first thing we think about with the new year is making resolutions . Resolutions I do not make them because I do not keep them . My attention span was not built for it . I do not see the need to put such pressure on myself . I think instead of resolutions we should all write a bucket list . Start with the simplest and end it with the most grandiose . I have decided to be a one day at a time sort of girl . Anything else puts to much pressure on myself and leaves me anxious and totally unbalanced . Let’s not be basic here go deep, get detailed , let your imagination run wild . Think about the things that stir your soul and pursue them with all you have got .
One of my major issues has always been more thinking than doing. You can analyze a situation to death but if you never take the first step. What are we really doing?

The Moment you accept that imperfect is more beautiful and full of joy than perfect is a good moment-Unknown

This is my tentative plan for the New Year –
Step One – let go of the picture of perfection
Step Two – Never let the circumstances and I repeat ever deter me from achieving my goals.
Step Three – Be grateful for every breath and find satisfaction in every moment.
As you get older you realize that even the shitiest of people and situations all have a grand purpose. Life would not be very fullfilling without lessons. The hard times , the dark places only serve to make us grow and flourish .

perfection quotes

How about thinking about what worked in 2018 and build from that. Work on being more consistent with your actions. Accept that despite your best efforts life does always have a way of screaming plot twist. Fall down, get back up gracefully and keep pushing forward even if you have to crawl. Life is all about movement and evolution. Be patient with yourself. Fab does not become fabulous overnight. We all have to start somewhere; the key is not to forget why you started and keeping on going no matter what.
Here are a fewsimple reminders to help you stay on your path of growth and purpose.

You are responsible for your own energy

You are the gatekeeper of your thoughts, feelings, and energy. It is easier said than done but do not let the funky energy of others take a hold of your space. I am guilty and we have all been guilty of this at some point. We let the actions and words of others dictate our moods, our thoughts sometimes even our own self -worth. When you find yourself falling into this trap give yourself a big old slap literally . It is all about maintaining a good space.

Repeat after me : the thoughts and actions of others should never determine my direction. My energy is sacred and I choose to make space for what feels good and right for me .

Recognize your toxic traits . I mean we all have some qualities that can be downright annoying and sometimes self -destructive . Stop trying to bury your issues; as challenging as it can be you need to own those issues get to the root cause of your actions and do your very best not to be a shitty person. Give what you want to receive. At the end of the day, we all want that inner fire to be lit and to be happy. Unless of course, you find solace in misery.

Be responsible for your energy -bajezen

Accept yourself completely

We all have flaws those seen and unseen. Things about ourselves that can cause issues in our daily lives . The key is to work on those bad habits each day. Spend time with yourself. Analyze your relationships, any problems, issues or scenarios that keep occurring. Accept responsibility for your actions. Sometimes pride gets in the way but you have to adult enough to say well I really f-ed that up and take steps to correct the mess that you have made. If you aren’t learning then you aren’t growing and to me, that is what self-acceptance is all about. You are ever changing and you must always celebrate the journey and give yourself credit for how much you have evolved in any given moment.

Learn to love your body I mean really appreciate it. The little things that we take for granted daily like being able to see, hear, and touch the ones you love.
Love the skin you are in. The lopsided boobs, the crooked nose, the melanin that they think is too rich all of it and I mean all of it makes up the masterpiece that you are. Do what makes your body feel good. Nourish it. Savor it. We are all so busy but really what are we busy doing? Are we doing the things that matter? Like taking care of ourselves and out=r own needs and not belittling our significance?  Looks really only can get you that far because no one really wants to hand with a pretty face if it comes with a vexatious personality.
Don’t just focus on the outer beauty you have to ingest some soul food as well. I mean a perky butt does not hurt but a perky spirit is where it is at.
It is time to say yes to yourself, with no apologies to anyone. Be in the moment , do the best you can and don’t beat yourself up if things fall apart. Let 2019 be the year of the unfiltered life. No matter how messy or tragic you may think your life is; trust and believe your light your sparkle your story your energy may be the reason someone smiles , is inspired and stays motivated to keep living a life that is true to them.

Forgive and Let Go

Let me be honest forgiveness is my least fave f-word or it used to be. Being unforgiving honestly is not a pretty picture. Anger, frustration, and bitterness are the definite end result. Remember the last time you really got upset? I mean fuming ? I myself rarely get angry because it is an emotion I feel in my soul. I usually act and then think later.
At the moment when we feel wronged or offended; the ego just screams strike back, do them like they did you. Retaliate; that is the way to go. I have been petty. I have held grudges. I have been consumed with getting revenge. I have been the hell hath no fury chick. Where do you think it got me?
Tired, depleted, angry and bordering on obsessed. You harm no one but yourself when you seek to right the ones that did you wrong . You can not heal pain by inflicting hurt, Nothing healthy can be achieved from seeking revenge. It may bring a temporary moment of satisfaction but ultimately you will have to deal with the underlying issues. You have to find ways to navigate through the waves of hurt, betrayal and intense disappointment.
We all have had someone who has done us dirty . Who hurt us to our very core .

It is indeed extremely difficult not to take the actions of others personally but ultimately what they do is their karma . You have to decide what yours will be .. Decide to be the bigger person. Decide not to be as miserable as those that hurt you. We are not exempt from questionable behavior we are all capable of it . At the end of the day, we are doing the best we can. This statement does not excuse the shitty behavior of others ; in saying this we have to accept our part in the exchange. Let this be the year you put the burden of past hurts down. Set your soul free. Having said all of this remember the most significantt form of forgiveness we need to have is for ourselves. Let go of the feelings of failures and not-enoughness. You are an absolute badass and never forget it.


Yesterday is heavy . Put it down 
Every day make a conscious effort to let go of anything that makes you frown 
Your soul is tired give her a rest 
You are far from perfect but you did your best 
Pain is never healthy to carry around 
It will break your spirit leave you shattered 
The past is heavy put it down 
Don’t beat yourself up over should haves and could haves 
You did your best 
Grow through what you go through 
No situation is ever permanent 
This is just a test 

The messes of today will lead to the triumphs of tomorrow . The past is not yours to carry . Lighten your load . Set yourself free . 
Yesterday is heavy . Put it down .

self acceptance -bajezen

This really is not a New Year’s post this is a fresh start post . Fresh starts, evolution, transformation are the stuff that life is made of . 2019 will be the big and bold year. No filter .No apologies. Dedicate and celebrate every part of yourself and your journey. Be. Do . Inspire and Grow .
Wishing you nothing but love and blessings . May this day , this year , this moment be the beginning of your wildest dreams. Never be ashamed of what works for you. This is your journey make is the boldest and most blissful that it can be.

Do you make New Years Resolutions ? What dreams and goals do you have for this year ?

be do inspire -bajezen



Crackle pop and a fizzle
Look to the sky at the spectacular display
The crowd erupts in oohs and ahs
Drinks in a hand, hugs, and kisses
Full of good cheer
Finally, the new year 2018 is here.
Full of so much hope and expectations
We welcome the unknown with such anticipation
The best is yet to come
Drop the past without a care
Believe in all the goodness that is in store for you this year 

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

The Daily Prompt Finally

A New Year Detox: It’s Time To Begin


New Year Detox _ It's Time To Begin Bajezen.Blog2.png

As my end of the year seems to spiral into the abyss of failed plans and disappointments I look forward to tomorrow with hope.

Who needs a new year for a fresh start?

I am usually a very zen tachi , However this week I have been more like the hulk and wanted to just smash every shit. I swear my levels of crazy are off the charts.
I could blame the full moon or mercury retrograde but I know my moods are all me.

Sometimes I forget the simple basic principles that I have striven to live by for the past year and a half. I plan to do an end of year meditation. Write down what I want to manifest. (Dreams always seem more realistic when you put them in writing ) Bathe myself in positivity or several shots of something strong and pretty and dig through the slight emotional and financial hot mess that was my 2017.

What is it about self-reflection that throws me into a tailspin. I am pretty fond of ignoring stuff till it spirals out of control and then I have an anxiety attack and bawl my eyes out about how crazy my life is.
Very mature Tachira .very ……

Us Libras are some real drama queens. Thanks for putting up with me while I ramble. Last year I set a few goals, most I reached others well pfft there is always tomorrow. Says the devil that is procrastination. Really my year was not that bad. I was just really hoping to win the lottery and buy my own private island alas no such luck.

If things are not working ,ask yourself, ''In what way am I creating this _ In what way can I change _ ''Wayne Dyer2.png

I plan to usher in the year on a positive note so I decided to share some of my plans with you to make a fresh start.

Recharge my energy

I like to kick off the new year off with a bit of a spiritual detox. My preferred way to do this is with a new beginnings meditation. Nothing quite like letting go of all the mental clutter and refreshing your thoughts in preparation for new ideas, dreams, and aspirations. 




Declutter And Get Organized

Am I the only one who feels a few pounds lighter when I throw away old stuff or cut off toxic people? Something about having too much stuff; too many emails, unnecessary contacts just leaves me feeling drained. So I will start a social detox. Delete those old numbers, organize my inbox,throw away the old junk and make space for all the good that is coming my way.

Get My financials In Order 

I think we all at some point have a sticky love-hate relationship with money. You may be like me a bit of a shopaholic( my friends say I need rehab and I said no, no, no). The thought of budgeting and saving always just seems like such a dry and boring topic. It, however, is a necessity if you are starting on a journey to financial freedom. No one wants to live paycheck to paycheck and feel deprived their entire life. I plan to examine  :

How I can curb/cut my spending.

Find a savings plan and budget that I can actually stick to and that is effective

Create multiple streams of income (anything short of selling drugs )

Spend less than I make but damn the shoes are always so cute

Learn about investing



Learn Something New And Do More of What I Love

I absolutely love to delve into new topics and try new things. I will give some of these free online courses a try to aid me in learning a new skill. Most importantly,I will invest money into a course.I have always been dying to take up photography but I always complain some courses are too expensive. If I can spend on bags and shoes then paying for a course to discover what could possibly a new love isn’t too much to ask of myself.  I get so caught up in the everyday drudgery I find it hard to make time to do simple things I love like yoga, coloring and generally playful stuff that makes my heart flutter. No more damn excuses. No time like the present.


Be My Own Best Friend 

Do you remember that song line that goes  It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy ? How many times had you let the needs of others supersede your own, said yes when you meant no or tolerated less than stellar treatment from a loved one or co-worker? Kick Disrespect to the curb. It’s time to reclaim my peace of mind. Eat better, Worry less . Pamper my mind,  body, and soul. I will look myself in the mirror and say I love you as I embrace every quirky awkward part of myself. Nip negative thinking in the bud by looking at the positive.


This year has been one crazy ride but guess what I would not do anything differently. Life isn’t about getting it right all the time or holding on to the past so tightly it crushes all your hopes for the future. Slam that door on whoever and whatever did you wrong .Celebrate what went right. Remember to be here now because now is really all you ever have. Whatever you do in this life makes sure it makes you happy and you can look back and smile. A life without love, happiness and joy will sure be one empty life. Isn’t being happy and spreading joy what life really is about?

 What are your plans for New Year’s Eve and what do you want to manifest in 2018?Comment below I love hearing from you.

Love and Blessings and Happy New Year. Let’s slay together 🙂






Why wait for the New Year for a fresh start
Would it be so awful if you just followed your heart?
Regret can weigh you down, take a chance
You will always feel those pangs for what almost could have been
Take a leap, even if you fall flat on your face
Do all the things, make the memories
Add a little flavor to your life
Leave the playing it safe for when you dead
The beauty or the ugliness is all up to you
It all begins and ends in your mind  
Give a thought, a deep reflection on what you want to do, where you want to go in this life
You are the master of your Universe
Don’t let anyone pull your strings, you are the Creator of it all
Don’t let Almost or I can’t be your mantra
Give it your all
You can have everything you have ever dreamed of getting in this life.

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

A Poem Inspired By The Daily Prompt Almost