Life is a beautiful mess :Organize

Yesterday I finally managed to organize three closets.
I am the queen of procrastination. images
What is it about organising and decluttering that makes you feel like your life is totally on point? Is is the fact that really this is the only thing in life we have any real control over? What do they say God laughs while we plan. b219e326d97f00bf25c7a06b09eb0dec--don-t-worry-work-outs

I remember my final art exam. I planned and organized my stencil and packed my bag with all the essential supplies. I  was high on the thought that I had it covered. Poor delusional me.

When exam day came my beautiful stencil was more like a potato. You know one of those funny shaped ones. A real disaster, I was devastated as expected. When I was younger I used to get so mad when I planned and organised and things just were a giant flop.

Sometimes life just yells at us plot twist. At these moments you are like Dorothy hurtling through the air. Absolutely no control of your direction. Or so it seems.I have come to realise that everything is always covered even though they are going against our greatest plans.

I honestly do not stay organised for long . I am guilty of not putting things back where I took them from . I honestly can’t be bothered to because you know what life is messy.
One big beautiful mess.  Isn’t that the irony of it? 170508-Life-Is-A-Beautiful-Mess

So you can sit and visualise and organize and plan out how you want it all to go. Guess what life is what happens to us while we are making plans.
My life is nothing like how I pictured it would be. Life is only perfect on social media. This is what confuses us. It can make us think that we are losing at life.Comparing and contrasting. It is all just so absolutely exhausting. So what if you don’t have it all together. Perfection would be rather boring.    

All we can really do is be as present as we can and make the best of each day that we are given. Embrace the hot mess!  Plan and organize yes but be open to riding those unexpected waves when they hit you.  Unexpected detours can lead to some wonderful adventures. I have no idea what the future holds I just plan to embrace whatever happens on this journey.


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