The Living Well Planner -A Simplified And Organized Life

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the living well planner a simplfied way of life -bajezenIt’s never too early to plan for back to school. The Living Well Planner(R) and it’s beautiful floral design is not only eye-catching; it is functional as well. I would dare say it is the tool you simply can not live without.

With it’s non dated  pages you can use the planner virtually any time of year 

It’s for everyone 





Planner lovers 

People who love pretty notebooks – you get the picture .

When you sign up for the Living Well planner you get an exclusive membership to a FB community which provides support from other planner lovers.

Plan your class schedule. Meal plans.

Lesson plans you name it 

The Living Well Planner is now available in limited quantities for the steal of just $ 39. Floral designs NOW  available there are several reasons why this planner sells out so quickly. It’s not just a planner it’s a tool to help you design the life you love in style.

Plan. Get organized. Slay. Repeat.

the living well planner -a simplified way of life -bajezen

Do you crave a simpler and more organized life?

Well, The Living Well Planner is not just a tool to help you achieve that it’s a simplified way of life. Having a color-coded planner not only keeps you organized and on top of all those to do lists, meal plans, lesson plans, events, and budgets. Having this planner also keeps you focused on your goals. 
The Living Well Planner can help give you the motivation and clarity you need to tackle and simplify everyday tasks and slay those long and short terms goals. 

What are you waiting for Vist the Living Well Shop today    .

The Semi-Annual Sale runs from July 9th -August 16th, 2019. $39 planner, regularly $49
Other clearance items as well, as we try to simplify inventory!

the living well planner - a simplified way of life -bajezen

Do you crave a simpler and more organized life? Check out the Living Well Shop Semi-Annual Sale #backtoschool #sale #semi-annual sale #shopping #plannerlovers Click To Tweet

Getting the Living Well Planner in the mail just made me super excited. Can I just look at it? At one point I thought it was too pretty to write in. I was also overwhelmed. As a semi-organized recovering procrastinator and a person who scribbles notes literally everywhere even in my phone notepad, I thought this would be way too much for me. I mean where do I even start? Luckily it comes with tips on how to use effectively also quite luckily it is not dated and it is colored coded.

the living well planner-life simplified
Do you crave a simpler and more organized life? Check out the Living Well Shop Semi -Annual Sale

simplified and organized life
Here are some of the things I love about the Living Well Planner.

Sturdy and beautifully designed. It is as effective as it is visually pleasing. Anyone that knows me knows I love the color. I mean just look at my IG page -shameless self-promo here

It is color-coded as my girl Amanda says this saves a lot of time and trouble and you get to pick which colors you want for each event, appointment and whatever important info you need to keep track of.

It has motivational quotes. I absolutely love these little pick me ups.
There are stickers.  I love anything artsy and crafty 🙂

 It has everything you will need for simple everyday tasks, chores. Long term goals short term goals. Pages for notes. Pages to doodle.
Writing things down makes me feel as if they have already been accomplished. It makes them feel real. Remember you have the power to create anything you envision. 


Do you own a planner? What do you love about having one?