That one ex :Pest

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Familiarity breeds contempt that’s how the old saying goes

Is this why we refer to some exes as a pest?

You look at this person and you say to yourself was

I in love or was I just insane?

It always starts as a picture perfect movie

They are flawless no faults in those rose-coloured glasses to see

Some approach with the timidity of a lamb so sweet

Until you get trapped in their web of lies

Oops too late you fell for a wolf, not a sheep

The inconsistencies finally become overwhelming so you send them away

The persistent pests don’t listen they keep begging you to stay

Maybe you cave in and take them back

Foolishly hoping they have changed

But it’s the same song and dance you fell for it again

So continues the cycle of expectations, betrayal and hurt

You finally get up the courage to end it for good

But you are haunted by memories for a while

They creep up on you each day

Which is the bigger pest? Lingering feelings or the ex that won’t go away??

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire


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