The Beauty of Sunset : Finding Order In The Chaos

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Sunset reminds me there can beauty in endings. The breakdowns, the breakups, the loss of something cherished all seem like tragedies but in some way, they are always a blessing. Sometimes we fight so hard to hold on to things, people or situations; we are blind to how they are hurting us.  They zap our energy, crush our spirit. they make us lose hope.

We are so often blindsided and so consumed by those L’s we don’t  realize they happen because we need to grow. All breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.They make us stronger, wiser and most importantly they make us appreciate.Appreciate what is left. Appreciate that part of ourselves that we sometimes so desperately want to be loved by someone else. They teach us gratitude. They lead us on a path of self-discovery.

Everything is temporary. It is an inevitable fact that thing must end. New energy must be welcomed for you to become your best self. When faced with challenges and setbacks our true potential is unearthed. As you watch the sunset, reflect on this. Know that so as the sun sets it will rise. A chapter will close and another one will be written. You will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Rise with new hopes, new ideas, and a new mindset.

Everything ends and it is how we react to those endings that will make your sunsets a thing of beauty or a sad story. Stay in faith and make this Sunday a fun day 🙂


Featured photo by Roland F . A  Harewood  Marketing and Corporate Image Consultant




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